As the internet and its use are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, the role that education plays in enabling all children to acquire the competencies they need as digital citizens is crucial. Correct education allows them to participate actively and responsibly in a democratic society, whether online and offline and as the majority of young people in Europe today were born and have grown up in the digital era that role becomes even more important.  It is the duty of education to ensure that they are fully aware of the norms of responsible and appropriate behaviour with regard to the use of technology and participation in digital life. Despite regular efforts to address issues concerning the role of education for the development of digital citizenship, there is a clear requirement for education authorities to adopt an organized, combined, and global approach to digital citizenship education in order for it to be integrated into school curriculums. This will provide a clear, concerted, and comprehensive approach for all worldwide, that will ensure that it is effectively implemented.

The term “digital citizenship’ effectively applies to “those who use the Internet regularly and effectively” and as we also make use of it in almost every part of our daily lives from talking to family members and sharing images, to playing games with friends or even shopping for food and clothes it practically applies to almost everyone in the world. A good digital citizen is aware of how to make daily use of these tools safely to participate in online activities and form meaningful, empathetic relationships with those they meet on the internet.

It’s true that the internet and the digital world as a whole come with their own unique set of rules. The internet per se has its own dialect and language in the form of dialect (lol, etc), emojis, and unique concerns like passwords, cookies, and other means of protecting our private information. However, as often noted by industry leaders, the line between ‘digital’ citizenship and ‘offline’ citizenship has gotten so blurred that there might as well no longer be a distinction.

Our digital relationships are often extensions of our real-world relationships. We use social media to make plans with our friends, take photos while we’re together, and share them online after the fact to reminisce. Resilience, empathy and confidence are at the heart of good digital citizenship, but those traits are equally vital when we turn off our screens.

So let’s have a look at the custom infographic our team has created below, to help you get a better comprehension of how a DIgital Citizen should act and perform their activities when online!

CFM Group is passionate as a company about ‘digital citizenship and teaching pupils to be better digital citizens. As such, we have trained numerous interns to ensure the continuity of digital citizenship in our own way. The change made may be minimal, but it is crucial for us to uphold our company ethos of transparent, honest marketing. As such, it is imperative to educate all our employees (and not only) on the correct use of the internet, whilst also informing them of potential threats. We are proud to be partners of Anglia Ruskin University and will continue to be outspoken advocates for fair, honest, and transparent internet used in an ethical way.

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