As I headed to the train station in Cambridge and on my way for my 1st day of helping at CFM Group as a Social Media and Digital Marketing intern, I was feeling just about every feeling there is to feel. Excitement, shyness, willingness to learn, apprehension, eagerness, uncertainty – they were all there, and that was just the tip of the emotional iceberg. I actually struggled sleeping the previous night..However, I was determined (and still am) to learn as much as I can about Digital Marketing in order to identify my strengths and weaknesses but also whether it is an industry I would like to work in, in the future.

What is an internship? Simplified, it is an opportunity that companies offer students, in order for them to gain work experience in the field of their interest. I was often advised to take up an internship and also several times heard of classmates of mine going through such schemes. I was slightly apprehensive due to time constraints and the fact I had to finance my studies, hence struggling to juggle uni work, a part time job and an internship all at the same time.

However, after travelling for a few months this summer and experiencing cultures, beliefs and value systems I had never encountered before, made me realise how useful an internship can be in terms of getting that initial “feel” of working for a Digital Marketing company (As I am a Marketing student).

It has currently only been my first week at CFM Group but already feel that I am learning and evolving professionally at a very fast pace.  My top 5 things I have learnt this week:

  • There is a diversity of responsibilities
  • Importance of Time management
  • Be as creative and innovative as you can when it comes to graphic design
  • Each client has his/her own different expectations and requirements and hence being a fast-thinker is crucial
  • Digital marketing encompasses a large variety of things which I am very keen to learn more about
  • Its surprising how hungry working in front of a computer can make you

I will try to keep you all updated in regards to the progress of my internship but for now I would like to extend my gratitude to both Nicholas (of CFM Group) but also Beth Chafik (of Anglia Ruskin University), for giving me this opportunity. All in all it has been a perfect experience so far and I feel like I have already learned more valuable skills and acquired more knowledge in this week than I ever thought I could.

P.S. My first blog also includes the creation of my first picture which I am super proud of !!!

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