In the not so distant past, the majority of businesses usually had a basic html websites that was however quite tricky to update and hence required the assistance of someone to keep it updated without having to replace it everytime. Nonetheless, things nowadays have changed.

As search engine optimization became more well known and part of every business marketing strategy,  website maintenance became key to the process.  Frequently updating web page content and keyword information was crucial to encourage search engines to return to your site and look favorably on your optimization work.

As the economy started to change,  keeping a fresh website became crucial to staying in business. As systems such as CMS and WordPress evolved, it rapidly (and mistakenly) started becoming evident that web maintenance might not be a requirement in the future. Nonetheless, due to the constant progression of digital technology such as apps, social media and E-store applications, the need for maintenance has now actually become greater than before.

What is Website maintenance?

A simplified definition would be: Performing all the tasks necessary to keep a website updated and in excellent working order so that it works and appears correctly with the latest web browsers and mobile devices.

Website maintenance has been expanded to include more than the technical aspects of keeping a site up and running. It also includes user interfaces which make it easy for the customer to update the website. integrating apps and updating your social media feeds and blog articles or news section.

Website maintenance does obviously vary from business to business and industry to industry. For example, an online store’s website maintenance is equivalent to running a retail store including aspects such as Product inventory, pricing, shipping all of which have to be maintained on a frequent basis. Some elements of what Website Maintenance may include today are:

Why is Website Maintenance Important

Website maintenance is important to any business, regardless of size. Your website is a worldwide window into your business and it can have a big impact on how the value of your product or service is perceived. A well-maintained website is critical for real-time service industries. All businesses need regular website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new information, products and services to the public. Website maintenance is also required to maintain the value of the website over time.

I have listed just some of the reasons below why having an updated and maintained website is crucial to any business. Such reasons include:

  1. Keep your site secure. Websites get hacked, and hacked sites lose visitors and traffic.
  2. Prevent you from losing everything by keeping a regular backup schedule.
  3. Prevent disgruntled users because something doesn’t work or you provided a broken link.
  4. Keep regular visitors happy by giving them fresh, updated information and exciting news.
  5. Check for broken links – nobody likes broken links. Nobody.
  6. Check site speed. A fast site is a good site.
  7. Track your site statistics


Summarising, other than making sure your content is regularly updated on your website or blog, it is also important to always make sure your website is up to date and correctly maintained to offer the best possible experience to your users or customers. What is more, correct and regular maintenance will also save you money as it will help you identify customer patterns or behaviours (via analytics) but also assist you in preventing future website issues or errors (hacking, spyware, etc) that can be detrimental to an E-Store.

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