No matter how large or small your business, a website is essential for any modern business. But how much should you budget for your business website costs? When looking for an affordable new website, opting for a professional web design from a professional is the best route whether you want to establish your brand, increase your digital presence or to assist your customers in finding you online.

When hiring an agency however, it is equally important they comprehend and envision your dream. As such, choosing a Web design Agency can be a laborious process if not considered carefully. To learn more about us and why you should choose our agency for your new website, feel free to click here and have a look at our Blog. This not only provides you with information on our experience and skills but also the key points to take into consideration when choosing an agency to develop your new platform.

Having a website, even for a small business is important if you’re looking to establish credibility and to have a professional presence online. With being online you can reach customers at any time and from a wider demographics.

So, let’s have a look at our brilliant offer and what you get in full detail, below.


  • LOGO

One of the most important aspects of a new company and website, is your Branding. As such, we provide a FREE Logo design service, to compliment your new website.


Our logo design service, also includes 2 revision stages to ensure you get the desired result. In addition, it allows to try several colour/font variations to choose the best one for your company.


Yes, our Logo design service (all included for free in the total price) is still not over!!!

We then make sure to provide you with the source files (rather than just a PNG Image) for your Logo in EPS, AI & PSD format along with transparent versions.

Furthermore, we also provide FREE mock-up images for use on your social media.



You now have a new Logo that represents your company, and are ready to get going with your new website.

The first thing you need to take care of is your Domain.

A Domain is the url ( that people will place in their Internet browser to find your company website.

It does not necessarily have to be the same as your Legal registered company name, but definitely has to be as short as possible.

Feel free to click here for more tips on how to choose a domain, via a Blog published by our team in the last for more information.

Our Web Design Offer, includes the FREE purchase of a Logo for your company, which we will also manage for free for a year.

Note: Please be aware, a domain does need to be renewed yearly.


The next step is to setup your domain and connect it (more like..point it) to your new hosting account and server.

We hence create your new Hosting account and make sure the domain us hosted there, so we can resume the Development process of your website.


The next step, is to create 3 email address for your company, allowing to communicate with your potential customers.

Not only will we create & test they are fully operating but also provide details guides to access your new emails via your Desktop/Laptop PC and Mobile phone devices.


Installing WordPress is the final stage of the Hosting setup process.

WordPress is the most trusted platform to build websites on, allowing you to easily edit and customise.

We hence cognitively choose them for our customers, ensuring they are able to make amendments as and when needed without having to pay a recurrent maintenance fee if they do not wish to.

Installing WordPress is indeed a Hooray! moment for your company, as you can confidently say things are now moving rapidly towards your main goal. A Brand New, Modern, and Responsive Website.


When it comes to your brand new website, our offer just gets better and better.
Whether it is a choice of design, help with content and images and even the FREE Installation of an SSL, our offer includes it all.

Let’s break it down further and have a look:


To help you get a better visual idea of what your website will look like, we will provide you with a choice of themes to choose from. Once selected, our designers will further customise your website to fit in with your branding style and colours. This way you are able to receive a fully customised, functional and mobile responsive website in a fraction of the time.


Adding the right content is essential as this is your opportunity to provided your prospective clients with information about your services or products. Here is where you will try to engage your audience through the written text on your webpages, blog posts, images, graphics, and even videos. This content needs not only to be engaging but optimised in order for it to be ranked high in search engines. We will help to align your content by using specific keywords and phrases that are directly related to your business.


You only have one chance to make a great first impactful impression and poor quality images on a website can really turn potential customers away. Fortunately if you don’t have access to a professional photographer, we can source royalty free stock images for your use from our extensive library, covering a number of industries and services ensuring they are relevant to your business. All the photos that we use are high quality and are optimised in the correct size and proportions to ensure the visual design of your website is not compromised. Find out more by clicking here to read our blog on why HD images for your website are a must and the benefits they can bring to your website.


Our offer includes a minimum of 6 pages (without including the Privacy&Cookies Policy) ensuring you are able to transpire the full spectrum of your services.

You could choose any of these pages below as 6 of the best pages to use for your website: Homepage, About Us, Services, Blog, Testimonials, Expertise, FAQ’s, Contact Us and more.

What is more, we are more than happy to add extra pages on your website. Feel free to simply inform us of the extra pages required (and and functions these pages are to have) and we will provide an affordable quote, to compliment our offer above.


The GDPR regulations requires all websites that holds customers personal details and information to be compliant. This any information such as. We can ensure your website is GDPR compliant through the use of our plugin which we keep updated every year.


An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates website identity an encrypted connection. This global standard security technology enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server.

By having this certificate, it communicates to your client the web service has demonstrated ownership of the domain. Whilst also providing a level of assurance that personal information such as credit card numbers, bank information, names, and addresses are prevented from being stolen by hackers. This creates further trust with uses by verifying that websites used to track finances and make online purchases are secure and legitimate.

To learn more on what an SSL is, and its’ use, feel free to read our blog “What is an SSL Certificate and Do You Need One?”,  by clicking here.

Note: An SSL certificate needs to be renewed yearly but CFM Group offer free Installation and SSL for the 1st year, as part of our unique Web Design offer.



We provide web maintenance services to keep your website updated, secure and fresh, in order for it to look and perform at its’ best. We perform all updates without causing disruption to business as usual. Our expert website maintenance services will keep your site up-to-date. To learn more about our maintenance package after year one, click here for more information.

Last but not least, feel free to have a look at just some of the websites we have created for our happy customers this past year.


We hope this breakdown has been helpful in detailing all that is included within our offer, If you are now interested in getting your brand new website designed, feel free to click here to contact our team today. First-year of website hosting FREE (year two just £12 per month (annual basis) Full site Ownership & access – Built on WordPress allowing you to easily amend/edit

So, if you were not sure about getting a new website for your business, we are certain you definitely are now!

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