The start of a new year is usually followed by the latest trends and websites are not excluded from this. Whether it is the tools one uses, the colours, size of fonts and visual elements, website development has its own trends that frequently change. So, whether you are a web developer, looking for a new website for your business or simply enjoy digital marketing, you are in the right place. We have put together the top web design trends (besides setting SEO Cambridge of your site) that are going to rule the market.


Minimalist websites are unappreciated pieces of overlooked art. “Delivering more by giving less” is the principle that minimalism works on and this sure is going to be the top trend in this year web developers designs. While resisting some fancy flourishes in your website design seems impossible, keeping it Minimal is always a great idea to keep benefitting users by faster loading and better screen size compatibility.

Flawed is Relatable

While some Websites strive to be flawless and super perfect, the New Year is all set to be a game changer. Adding messy, hand drawn and colourful sketches seems to be the new kick of this year.

These imperfect illustrations give websites a look which is relatable to humans..after all, imperfection is a trait mastered by humans. makes people crave for more which seem like the perfect tool for your website growth.

BIG, FAT Fonts

When customers open your website, the first thing that grabs their attention is the heading. To make that heading stand out and make an impact, using bold and large fonts is the new trend that is going to be part of this New Year 2020.

Hero headlines aren’t new and have been around for a while now. These tend to be directional and drive the reader to where they should look first.

The Dark Mode

You must have seen large companies introducing Dark and Light mode to their Websites as it is becoming very prevalent nowadays. Dark mode lets you use your Website with low light UI that mostly has dark surfaces.

This trend started in 2019 and looking at the speed by which this trend has been implemented by Google Chrome and other web browsers, it would not be wrong to say that it is going to stay up top in 2020 Web Design Trends. So, everyone who is thinking about making a Website in Cambridge you can stay ahead of the curve by following this top-notch tip.

Interactive and MOVING

The world sure is moving faster, and to cope up with it, one has to come up with new things. Creating Websites that are interactive take the user to immersive visual journeys. They tend to be built in a way that shows relevant information based on the progress as “one scroll” through the Website.

With this power of animation, the website engages the users more and captures their attention making it even more dynamic.

The 3D Element

3D visuals were once considered to be part of games and entertainment only. However, with enhancements in technology, you can now add 3D effects in your Web Designs and to be honest they look pretty.. cool.

It not only looks good to the audience but also urges the users to stay more on the Website.

So, it would not be wrong to say that once you have pulled traffic onto your Website, 3D graphics could potentially help that audience that’s visited your site stay longer on it.

Tell us if you would add any other trends you have seen or used online! From the 3D element to dark mode and large fonts, and everything else mentioned here, 2020 looks to be a great year for designers and design fans, and we can’t wait to see these design trends come to life as we enter the next decade.

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