Businesses have always needed content marketing. In today’s digital economy, content marketing is not only essential but is the most effective method you can employ for your business.

We know that for some businesses, owners can be reluctant to switch from tried-and-tested paid advertising  to a more communicative relationship-centred approach that  content marketing adopts.

Content marketing involves more than just simple adding a few keywords to a text  or ad inventory. Creating informative and engaging content can be difficult. It takes a lot of time to understand your target audiences wants and needs in order to create something that is authentic. As over time you want results that can deliver over the long term.

It’s also hard to complete an assessment and measure. There is no straight evident correlation between money in and results out. Unlike paid / PPV marketing where you will generally see an immediate ROI when you spend on advertisement. However when you stop spending on ads, the leads stop. Whereas solid content will keeps on performing long after the initial content costs. Thus providing you with engaged leads over a longer period, of time and this measurement doesn’t stop.

Below we explore the top 5 reasons as to why we believe content marketing works

1. More effective than paid-for advertising

Content marketing will continue to work long after the initial paid campaign has been switched off. With paid advertising and marketing, you will need to continue bidding and buying to generate leads. As soon as you stop spending, your lead generation stops too. Bringing customers to your brand with more subtle content as opposed to hard ads is more effective and is also cheaper than paid ads.

2.Builds trust in a brand

When a business is trying to hard sell you a product or service or to advice you to purchase more items, this can put some potential customers off. On the contrary if a company actually listens to needs of a customer, provides you with valuable information which doesn’t directly link to a sale, then this can lead to more trust being built between brands and customers. It’s the quality of information and support which keeps customers engaged and open to learning more about your company therefore leading to sales.

3.Helps your brand get discovered

Quality content that is created and tailored to your business keywords will help you rank higher in search engines. Become an authoritative source of information in your industry by providing knowledgeable answers to customer frequent questions. This will help you to be discovered by more people, help you to build a presence online and support you in establishing your brand.

4. Better traction on social media

It’s only natural that people will want to share things, and that includes content available on social media platforms. You can benefit from this as a business by ensuring you content is always optimal as it will inevitable be shared socially. This allows you to reach a wider audience who you many not have been able to reach before.

We hope this has been helpful and if you are interested in discussing your content strategy, please do get in contact with our team today!

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