This year in particular has been an interesting year, shaping the way in which people think about operating their businesses. With the pandemic causing disruptions to business, limiting activities, and causing a tsunami of job losses, all sectors have been hard-hit and are still in recovery mode.

It is consequently paramount that as a company, or small business, you do all the things necessary to go through this “stormy” period. This will allow your company to flourish, later on, provide security to your employees and also the confidence to your customers about how you run your business..and that has a direct depiction of the quality of your services or products.

But what can you do considering the present difficult times and even more turbulent ones, predicted ahead of us? How can you shield your company whilst still protecting your brand and maintaining a sustainable level of orders?

Let’s have a look at 4 basic tips you can follow post-pandemic to ensure you keep your digital and physical presence alive, whilst giving back to your client base.

Learn to adapt

At the moment businesses are only able to operate if they do so under specific trading conditions and guidelines therefore its vital that you learn to be adaptable. Keep your audience engaged during this time by staying in communication via social media to make them aware that you are still open for business but with some slight changes. You might now only be available for takeaways and online orders or only allow pre-booked reservations with a set number of customers allowed at one time to enter. Whatever the case may be, make sure your customers are aware of how they can continue to support you.

Provide value

The purchasing power of many customers has been limited during this time, making marketing itself a challenge. For some, they may not have the means to regain their former buying power. Customers are now more than likely to be selective with what they purchase and to which companies they purchase from. People have become wiser to the likes of marketing gimmicks so you may need to rethink your advertising material if this is something you have relied on in the past. Instead, have a rethink about your advertising model and promotional materials to ensure that it can provide value to your customers and continue to be effective in engagement.

Review your website

While businesses may be a little slow as people are starting to reappear following the lockdown, take this opportunity to spend time reviewing your website. Businesses tend to neglect to tend to their website once it’s up and running. However, use this time to update information and images or create a new pop up message welcoming guests to your website. Perhaps you want to be able to start offering services online through a video.

Give back to the community

Get involved with your local community by helping out in any which way you can. Whether that may be volunteering, donating, or collaborating with other businesses. Giving back to the community will increase your community support, goodwill, and brand awareness. Not only are you doing good for the community, but it can also elevate your public image. There are many worthwhile local charities that could do with the support of a local business. Now is most definitely the time to show “community spirit” so make sure, your presence is known and felt in a positive way.

BONUS TIP – Hire someone to work alongside you

Hiring an agency to work with your company, will allow you to make use of your precious, little time focusing on tasks meaningful to your business. The agency can focus on elevating your digital presence whilst maintaining your website, updating your images and menus, and communicating with your customers.

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