It’s almost impossible to imagine that the biggest social media platform in the world started less than two decades ago. Facebook and a lot of other social media sites opened up the digital space for a lot of businesses and firms.

Social media revolutionized networking and connectivity. Individuals and organizations make use of these platforms daily to stay connected with acquaintances, friends, families, clients, and customers. Even governments have a presence on social media. This article presents a list of the 5 biggest social media sites at the moment. The basis of this list is the number of users and market share.


Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform. Apart from the popularity of Facebook users, its market share also keeps it at the top of this list. In June 2017, the Facebook community (number of active users) grew to 2 billion users with a growth rate of 20 million active users per month. Although Facebook’s market share has been decreasing in the U.S., globally, it has the biggest global market share.

Facebook is currently the biggest platform for social media marketing. Users include all sectors of businesses and organizations.


According to the most recent statistics, YouTube currently has over 1.4 billion monthly active users. Although YouTube is at a wide distance from Facebook, the number of users seem to be growing continuously. YouTube’s growth is a global trend as more users are subscribing to this platform to keep in touch with video content.

Considering that YouTube is the home of the largest video content collection, the second position is well deserved.


Even with similar social media platforms sprouting up, Instagram has maintained its position as a top social media sites for both individuals and businesses. More businesses are creating Instagram accounts, and it currently has 800 million monthly active users. With newer features to attract more businesses, Instagram monthly users should increase in the nearest future.


In the fourth position, Twitter currently has 330 million active users. Twitter users include government agencies, businesses, organizations, and individuals. Twitter’s peculiarity is the ability to send messages of limited characters and create hashtags and trends.


Reddit allows registered users to post content in several subcategories which are subjected to votes from other users. Coming a bit closer to Twitter, Reddit currently has 250 million active monthly users.

Social media statistics change. With time, users either diversify their social media presence or stick to a more comfortable platform. The different social media platforms thus keep coming up with ways to attract users. With more innovations in the social media space, users’ trend is definitely bound to change.


Conclusively there are more than 200 Social media platforms out there and as a business its key you are ..out there. Nonetheless, if you are looking to maximise your Brand or Company awareness whilst also tapping into “hot” leads and potential clients, then make sure you choose wisely and carefully which channels you advertise on rather that simply posting on all.

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