The Covid-19 Coronavirus panic has shifted companies’ priorities and forced them to have a good rethink in regards to their marketing budget for 2020/2021. Companies are reacting and adopting a new strategy when it comes to their marketing budget. With the shift in consumer use and the current climate, budgets are being shifted to focus on online marketing. In this month’s blog edition, we will explain why marketing your business online, especially during the pandemic is essential.

As many people are currently in lockdown and self-isolating. Digital marketing is now more important than ever. As a result, your potential customers are eagerly waiting for new fresh content. Now is the time that people are at home with their mobile devices, laptops and tablets browsing the internet and online content. With consumers physically unable to visit most shops and make physical transactions, eCommerce is the go to for many customers. So If you want to make an impact on your online presence using digital marketing, now is the time.

Here are 4 key digital marketing strategies that you can utilize now and help your business not only survive but thrive during the pandemic.

Social Media Marketing

Thinking about pausing your social media platforms during the lockdown is counterproductive, to say the least. People are spending more time online than ever before. Adults can work from home and young people are able to continue schooling at home online. Everyone Is spending more time at home which means they are spending more time on social media.

This is the ideal time to put your brand forward and in front of your target audience that is already active online. Increase your reach by posting regularly and engaging with your target audience.


It is common practice for consumers to search on Google for the products or services they are looking to purchase.  You want your business to be in the top rankings on a search results page. This is where the process of SEO can help your website appear first in results and attract a larger audience.

If you are already familiar with SEO, you will know that it really is a process that can take some time. That is unless your competitors pause their SEO efforts! This is exactly what is happening for many of our clients. Their competitors are scaling back their SEO efforts, causing our clients to jump ahead in SEO rankings at a faster pace!

Email marketing

Whether you are B2B or B2C, the use of email marketing is a great way to connect with your clients. For B2B businesses, take this time to nurture your existing leads by keeping them engaged with email newsletters!

For B2C and eCommerce businesses, it is important to understand that consumers purchase from brands they trust. Establishing that brand-consumer trust is invaluable to the longevity of your business now and long beyond COVID-19.

Social & Google advertising

When business slows or uncertainties arise like they are now, it is a common natural reaction for business owners to want to stop all advertising efforts. Why continue spending money if consumers are not actively purchasing as much, right? Wrong! First of all, it’s important to note that not everyone is tightening their wallets. For those that are ready to spend now & continue life as normal, you want your business ready online and in front of them!

For the consumers that may not be spending as much now, they will later as soon as normalcy resumes. They are more likely to purchase from a company they spent all of COVID-19 learning about. Not with the company they did not see or hear about at all. Advertising on social media and Google keeps your brand relevant and in front of your target audience so that when they are ready to purchase, they purchase from you and not your competitors.

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone. We’re in this together, and we’re here to help.
Let’s all strive to emerge from the crisis successfully by remembering that your brand is at the heart of your marketing strategy. The COVID-19 crisis has shown companies it’s as much about who they are and what they believe in, as it is sales.

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