Quality content is informational, educational, and/or entertaining. If your content isn’t getting engagement, it probably isn’t quality. As part of your SEO strategy, quality content should be considered a major key aspect. But what exactly does high quality or quality content really mean?

In this blog, we will look at what quality content really means and how you can ensure your content hits the spot!

By focusing on the right things, you can create high ranking quality content that your users will happily read. Keep reading on to learn more.

Make your content readable and engaging

If you want to get your message across and ensure people read your entire blog post or page, make your content easy to read. Think about the whole structure of your text and the words you intend to use. Writing lengthy paragraphs with too much text and no headings can make it difficult for some people to read and digest. Simply adding in headings to break down large sections of text can help readers to navigate more easily though your content.  In addition, try to limit the use of complex or difficult words, use simpler words instead if possible. Also be mindful of how long your sentences are as these can make your content harder to understand. It is a good idea to use variation in your text such as the use of synonyms and alternating sentence length for better engagement.

Keep your content up to date

Another key element of writing quality content is making sure it’s up to date and relevant. From time to time, it may be essential to update your content. This is in order to make sure people are able to find the right information. We believe that this is an important step as it shows your users that you’re on top of recent developments. With this in mind, you’re users will also grow confident that you can always provide them with accurate information. Essentially it builds trust and makes it more likely that users will come back to your site. Keeping your website and blog posts up to date is also important for SEO, as this shows Google that your site is ‘alive’ and relevant. Try to schedule in a time to update your content regularly basis.

Make it unique

There are millions of pieces of content being posted online.  Anyone can perform a quick Google search and will find plenty of articles relating to the topic. However, simply creating a new post from already existing information won’t give readers much value. Quality content is unique and should give readers more information, relevant insights, and more useful tips than any other content that is available online. When creating you content it should be 10 times better than anything else available! Let your content be the only place on the web where readers can find it.

It’s real and personal

Readers enjoy connection, so your personal voice can have a place in your content.  Although this depends on your goals and audience, you may want to consider adding some personal flair where appropriate. Be funny, be real and passionate, and let your unique voice shine through the words. Showing that there’s an actual person behind the content helps you to build trust and connect with readers on an emotional level.

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