Twitter is a platform that allows businesses a cost-effective method in engaging with their customers and increasing brand awareness. By posting engaging content you can drive people to invest in your products and services. However, your social media presence, unfortunately, is not built on solid foundations, meaning it could move and disintegrate at any given moment without notice. Twitter’s ever-changing rules can make it difficult to stay on top of its rules and regulations. Especially since Twitter’s automated spam detection system does not always seem to get it right. It’s better to learn about these rules now rather than after your account gets suspended. If you are already too late then we have outlined a quick guide on how to fix your suspended account.

There are a variety of reasons why you may find yourself locked out of Twitter. Let’s see below a potential list of reasons as to why your account has been locked.

  • Following & unfollowing

This may already seem like the most obvious reason for potential being suspended from your Twitter account. When you follow a lot of profiles and unfollow those who do not follow you back in a short period of time, this can trigger Twitter’s auto spam response. Also, avoid following over 1000 profiles as this too will get noticed.

  • Favouriting too many tweets

Favouriting other people’s tweets is a great way to show your appreciation of their shared posts. Just be mindful of the number of tweets you like as this can cause your account to be suspended. Limit the number of liked tweets to no more than 10 per day and try to spread this across the day as evenly as possible. If you really want to show your appreciation towards a tweet that you like, you may be better off sending that user a direct message instead. Not only will this limit but it also provides a more personal engagement with your fan base.

  • Tweeting too much

People tend to think these days that only bots that send out 1000s of tweets per day are what is considered spamming. However, sending out multiple tweets within a 24hr period without any engagement with other users can flag your account immediately to Twitter. When tweeting content, it is important to allow some form of discussion to be had that allows other users to actively comment and retweet your content. If you find that your content is not generating as much buzz as you’d like, you may need to re-evaluate the value of content in which you post.

  • Automation

Profiles like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout social, often experience issues with their customers’ accounts being suspended due to automated tweets or messages. It is key, you not only use these platforms but also employ a Marketing Agency like, CFM Group that will be able to manually create, tweets of varied content to ensure your profile does not get suspended or even deactivated.

  • Authenticity

Twitter tends to frown upon reposted items (posting the same tweet more than once), constantly tweeting about the same thing (i.e. links to your business or shop online) and repeating the same things you have previously added to the platform. In addition, impersonating someone or blatantly stealing their personality will definitely get you suspended for life.

If you are also having issues with your Twitter account, feel free to click here for more information and to contact Twitter directly to get your issue resolved. Please be aware that Twitter does to respond with many automated responses and it tends to be quite difficult to get your account unsuspended from the platform.

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