Instagram growth and usage is something we read about daily on social media news-sites and media outlets worldwide. It is however undoubted though that is is also easily noticed in our personal use (come on..let’s be honest). In fact, the number of active users on a monthly basis is even more than 800 million the past 2 years and rising! Founded only 8 years ago now and in 2010, this social media platform is definitely the one users spend most of their time on and with new Video and Chat features it is becoming ever more popular to all ages and locations worldwide. This is the reason why a lot of businesses have started utilizing this platform for the promotion of their products and services. Opening an account on this social media site is easy. But, to get it verified is where the real challenge begins.

There are many reasons behind it why it can be so difficult to get your account “blue ticked” on Instagram. In short, the policies of Instagram have become strict in this regard to ensure users do not fall prey to the fake accounts. The process of Instagram verification approval can be made easy by hiring the services of experts. Yes, there are experts who can get the approval of your account on your behalf. You do not have to go through the hassles.

Few important things to know

So, how does the verification process on Instagram work and what are the variables included in the decision process? Well, the process comprises of various steps starting from you providing proof of your identity on a couple of social media platforms. If your Facebook account is already verified then it can greatly help in getting approval for your Instagram account as well.

Another way of getting your “Insta” account approved is by increasing the number of followers in your account. Yes, when you have a very high number of followers on your account, it becomes easy to provide a proof of you being real and not some fake user. A company like CFM Group can prove to be of great help as they are Instagram media partners and possess a lot of experience in this field. They have experts who know how to get more followers on your account. As a result, you do not have to struggle with the process of Instagram verification and all the variables included (No of Followers of course being one, but not the only one)

Benefits of getting verified on Instagram

There are many advantages associated with the verified accounts. Since the verification badge is not provided to everyone, thus it makes your account look exclusive. This greatly helps in adding more power to the brand value of your business. You would feel more confident about sharing information through your account. Likewise, your followers will be able o show their trust in your company. This is where the role of influencers kicks in. When you have a verified Instagram account, you can rope in an influencer to promote your brand.

Another reason why you should get your account verified is related to brand identity theft. It is not difficult to come across fake Instagram accounts impersonating famous celebs and businesses. So, if you do not want someone to make a bad impression of your business by opening a fake account, you must get your account verified as early as possible. Instagram verificationservices by Facilius Inc can save both your time and effort.

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