Lead generation software enables companies and marketers to capture leads and engage with their ideal prospects. This allows you to drive communication and turn casual traffic into loyal customers. Using the best lead generation tools makes it easy to capture quality leads. Using as little manual outreach and follow-ups as possible. In the UK there are many lead generation companies to choose from and naturally, with each offering its own advantages and benefits. We will be focusing on 5 main platforms: Bark.com, Meet Hugo, Fiverr, Freelancer and Leads Gorilla.

These companies have devised ingenious “systems” allowing them to captivate interest. Primarily through SEO, Blogging and other mediums with a proven track record of providing high-quality leads across multiple sectors. As such, finding a lead generation company that understands your company’s needs and delivers quality leads can significantly help your company grow.

Finding the right one can be a difficult task. Therefore, we created a quick breakdown of such service providers, followed by our conclusion of the company we believe to be the best lead generation service in the UK. In this blog, we will be sharing with you a list of lead generation providers, that we have made use of, and are able to offer our personal opinion and insight on. Let’s Go!


Bark.com is an online platform that generates leads for businesses and finds suppliers for clients. A buyer can simply post a service requirement (this is called a Bark!) and their technology goes out and finds relevant sellers for the buyer. Sellers then post their responses to the buyer. The buyer can then choose who s/he wants to speak to, how, and when!

Every day thousands of people come to Bark to hire professionals. As Bark heavily invests in PPC campaigns, they find people from all over the UK in need of pretty much any service. They help buyers accomplish the most important projects in their lives. Such as getting fit with a personal trainer, teaching their kids music, designing a new website or photographing their weddings. Whether you need to decorate your home, learn a new language or create new branding for your business – Bark is the easiest and fastest way to hire the right professional to get the job done.

How does it work?

You will only find leads from serious customers who are actively looking for a service. Prospective customers are required to fill in detailed information about what service they are looking for, how soon they are looking to complete the job, and provide their estimated budget for the request.

When a customer completes this information, you will be able to see the rea lead for free. This is without needing to purchase first. This allows you to determine if the job is something you would like to proceed with or perhaps wait until something better comes along. If there is a lead that catches your interest, simply select “Contact” underneath the name of the lead with your pre-paid credits. Bark will then release the phone number and email address of the lead so you can communicate directly with your potential new customer.


You can register for free and claim your account by registering at Bark.com. There are no subscription fees when you join and no commissions or hidden fees. Instead, Bark’s simple credit system allows you to purchase credits to use towards only the leads that you want.

The number of credits needed to respond to a lead varies depending on the service required and the size of the job. The standard price for a single credit is £1.20 (ex VAT) and when buying packs of credits, a discounted rate is applied which reduces this cost.


Bark.com support is extensive with a full online help center that features guides on how to optimise your profile and tips on how to reach out to clients. To F&Qs relating to pretty much any topic. If you still need help, Bark’s support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are easily contactable through email at [email protected] or by calling 020 3697 0237 to speak to a team member who will handle your query.

Bark.com  is a great lead platform because we cover such a broad range of services, and each lead is qualified to a high standard with our telephone verification process. With the right processes in place, Bark leads can produce a fantastic return on investment for businesses of any size. 
Working for Bark is bringing new and exciting challenges every day. Everyone at Bark is passionate about the product and we’re looking forward to continuing our growth to support a lot more businesses in the coming years.
Eleanor Willey – Senior Partnerships Manager

Leads Gorilla

Leads Gorilla is an app that helps you to find and sell your agency services to local business clients. This revolutionary technology finds hundreds of leads, displays each lead’s quality scores with a hidden algorithm, produces personalized reporting ready for print, lands it with built-in email marketing, and much more.

The software helps you to find local leads that are present on Facebook so that you can start getting local business agency clients from Facebook or Google by just entering your niche plus any location you want. It also allows you access to advance data that will show you contact information, address, page rating, if your Facebook Page or Google My Business page is claimed already, how optimized it is to rank in Google, and more. You can use the app to reach out to any qualified leads, and then you can land them with built-in email marketing technology.

How does it work?

Leads Gorilla will find & analyze leads from FB & Google My Business
They will search FB groups, pages, & Google for thousands of local leads & provide a detailed analysis of them. This includes a proprietary LeadsScores that tells you how easy it is to land & make money from that lead, plus if they have claimed their GMB or FB listing yet.

Step 2. Generate Beautiful Print-On-Demand Optimization Lead Magnets
LeadsGorilla identifies lots of key issues with their Facebook or GMB listing & turns it into a custom report/lead magnet automatically for you to send.

Step 3. Land the Client w/ Email Marketing Technology & DFY Swipes
Have the app reach out to qualified leads & land them w/ built-in email marketing tech. Use our proven DFY swipes in tons of local niches.

Other features of the platform also allow you to sort by Claimed/Unclaimed Pages. This allows you to Sort leads instantly using many filter options including if their Google My Business listing is claimed or unclaimed. You can reach out to qualified leads & land them with Lead’s Gorillas built-in email marketing tech.


There are two pricing option for Gorila Leads to suit your budget:

Gorilla Starter — $47.00
Is a lighter version of Leads Gorilla Advance which includes some leads, basic reports, video training, and a tool to help you find Claimed or Unclaimed Leads.

LeadsGorilla Advanced — $54.95
The advance package includes everything the starter has to offer plus the extra benefit of being able to generate Unlimited Reports, contact Unlimited Leads, customize all PDF reports plus SEO tools module and pro video training.


Leads Gorilla provides both general support and also provide a Q&A page for the most common questions and queries.
A 24/7 dedicated support team is available for any questions. You can also leave your contact details to raise a ticket with a member of the support team.


Meet Hugo

Meet Hugo is a sales platform that uses a unique sales intelligence platform with manual research to identify the best leads and opportunities in your sector.

How does it work?

When you sign up with Meet Hugo, they’ll ask for information about yourselves and your business. You will need to fill in a briefing section of your account which will give you the chance to tell them about your business. The types of clients you want to work with, the services you can offer, the price points you work with, and the locations you work in. Their dedicated Customer Success team will then help get you on board. Ensuring you have everything needed to deliver the best leads for you straight away.

The in-house research team uses the latest technology to uncover new business opportunities. They provide you with all of the vital details you need to reach out to the prospect. Including a summary of the opportunity, the potential value, and the location of the prospect.

The team at Meet Hugo will let you know when someone in your target audience is looking for a product or service that you can provide. That it fits your criteria, or if they’re displaying buying intent so that you can build a relationship with the prospect. All while safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what they’re looking for and how you can deliver it in the best way possible.

You then have the option to provide feedback on each and every one of the opportunities that they send. Enabling you to adjust your criteria so that Meet Hugo’s Customer Success team can shape the relevance and quality of the leads you receive.

How to access Meet Hugo?

When you sign up to Meet Hugo on a quarterly or annual subscription. You are provided with your own account and this is where you tell them exactly what you are looking for and the types of businesses you want to work with.


Meet Hugo offers quarterly and annual subscriptions for customers to choose from.
Quarterly subscriptions cost £449 + VAT while and an annual subscription costs £1,711 + VAT


When you start your subscription, you will have a dedicated account manager on hand to help you with any questions you may have. Further helpful resources can also be found within the F&Qs section.


Freelancer.com is an online job marketplace that provides a means for clients and freelancers. All around the globe to collaborate for mutual benefit. Individuals or businesses in need of skilled help for short or long-term projects can post those projects and allow freelancers to submit bids for the completion of the work.

How to access Freelancer

It’s free to sign up at Freelancer.com. You will be requested to complete a personal profile where you can choose the skills and expertise you have to offer. A profile photo is also optional but recommended. Once your personal details and skills have been added, the next stage will take you through a verification process to confirm your identity.

How does it work
  1. Complete your profile

    • Select your skills and expertise
    • Upload a professional profile photo
    • Go through the Verification Center checklist
  2. Browse jobs that suit your skills, expertise, price, and schedule

    They have jobs available for all skills. Maximize your job opportunities by optimizing your filters. Save your search and get alerted when relevant jobs are available.

  3. Write your best bid

    .Read the project and let the clients know you understand their brief. This is the part where you put your best foot forward and write the best pitch possible and tell them why you’re the best person for this job.

  4. Get awarded and earn

    Get ready to work once you get hired. Deliver high-quality work and earn the agreed amount.

It is free to sign up for an account. When you join you are automatically placed on the free membership. Freelancer offers other membership options that allow you to place more bids during the month. To list more skills on your profile and allows you to withdraw your earnings faster with 1-day processing to free project extensions and NDA projects.

Plus Membership $9.95 – Professional Membership $29.95 – Premier membership $69.95.


Freelance.com has a 24/7 support team to assist you with any questions or queries.


Fiverr is a marketplace that launched in 2010. Its name comes from the original price of gigs or jobs at only a “fiver” ($5.00) per task. It is classified as a freelance marketplace and offers many diverse jobs and services.  No matter who you are or where you are from. If you can do something well, you can create a gig on Fiverr and offer it to the world

How does it work

Fiverr works just like any other marketplace. Sellers list their services (gigs) and buyers who are interested in these services ask questions and if they are satisfied with the answers, can then go on to purchase them. Fiverr works like a middleman guaranteeing both parties are happy with the end result. Fiverr withholds 20% of every transaction. Once the seller delivered the gig and the buyer confirmed the delivery, Fiverr will pay the seller within 2 weeks (faster if you are a trusted member).

If you want to become a seller on Fiverr, then you’ll have to spend a little more time setting up your profile and adding gigs so that you can start making money.

The system is relatively easy to understand and navigate, even if you aren’t experienced with the site.


It is free to use the platform Freelancers set their own prices.

As a seller, you set your price and can choose to offer add ons to your gigs to bump up the cost.

Once a buyer decides to buy your order their money is taken from their account and put on hold for you until you complete the order. Sellers keep 80% of what they earn on each gig they successfully sell and deliver.

The more gigs you sell, the easier it will be to build your seller rating on the site. This means you will potentially be able to charge more for the services you offer.


Fiverr.com have a dedicated help and support section where you can find helpful tips and tricks on becoming a successful seller,


After trialing all 5 service providers we feel that Bark.com is the best lead generation platform in the UK. With an abundance of features that makes using the site very easy. To finding leads and communicating with potential new clients is a breeze with Bark.com. You can rest assured that the leads are genuine as they are vetted by Bark and verified before being placed live on the site.There is no contract and you have the flexibility to purchase as many credits as you wish.

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