Finding high quality but small hashtags can be tough. We all want to target a niche, but how do we find the right words to use? We all want to gain followers and sell products, but it’s important to target social media followers that will really visit your shop or check out your website.

If you’re the owner of a coffee shop, you probably know that #coffee won’t cut it. So, how about #VanillaLatte or #CaramelFrappe? If you’re in Kensington, don’t use #LondonCoffee, try #KensingtonCoffeeShop or similar. Post a delicious looking photo and target coffee lovers that might pop into your shop!

Find similar hashtags! Once you search for one of the hashtags you currently use, you will notice other related hashtags that people use pop up too. #CreativeMarketing will bring up a wealth of content for marketers to use.

What do other people use? Check out what your competitors use, or see what your community engage with on the following tab. Do not copy word for word, because it just won’t be relevant enough for your store or product, but get an idea of what to post. Get inspired by your competitors!

Add the hashtags in the comments. If you pop them with your regular caption, it will look messy. Audiences want clean, sleek content that provides a positive and engaging experience. Your Instagram account is an extension of your website and aesthetic, so make sure it matches.

Ignore huge hashtags like #Love, #London or #Coffee. They might gain you one or two likes from bots and spammers crawling the hashtags, but why waste valuable space on generic hashtags that won’t generate custom?

How do you find hashtags to use?

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Written by Natasha Kendall from