As always, Facebook is constantly working on improving their platform and more importantly growing its revenue from their multiplicity of advertising options. Nonetheless, that constant evaluation of their platform also offer them insights as to the types of ads, promotions etc. that do not necessarily work as other.

It is this research that has identified a variety of posts that Facebook believes are not as effective as they can be and are hence not permitting brands and companies to boost them any longer as they may have done in the past. Brands will no longer be able to convert Page posts like profile picture changes and place recommendations or profile pictures into ads any longer for example. Facebook announced, on Thursday the 24th of August, that it is curtailing the types of organic posts that Pages can convert into ads as it looks as they aim to make their ads more precise and effective. But let’s have a closer look at some of these posts below.

So far Pages or Brands have been able to – pretty much – add a boost on any type of post in order to amplify its reach by paying by increasing views in people’s news feeds. That will not be possible anymore as Facebook seeks to focus more on delivering actual business results rather than social activity. It is interesting to note here that in a consultation with Facebook just a couple of months ago, I was personally advised not use Boosting anymore on specific types of posts as it has a minimal (if any impact) and hence creates mediocre results. This is also something that Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook also emphasized repeatedly during the company’s most recent earnings call.

“We want businesses to utilize Facebook ad products that give them the best opportunity to achieve their business goals, and removing these inessential boosting options will reduce complexity and help them find the right products to get the best results,” noted Jyotika Prasad, product manager for Facebook in an emailed statement.

As of September the 15th, 2017, Page Admins and Owners will no longer be able to boost 17 types of posts (you can see all the types of posts by simply clicking here), including a video or image uploaded through the Facebook camera, posts published from third-party apps to the Page’s timeline, profile picture changes or and place recommendations. Any ads purchased before September 15 that boost these types of posts will stop running after September 29.

“Advertisers rarely promoted these post types, and when they did, results were not as strong as results with our more popular ad formats,” according to a Facebook blog post announcing the change.

The interesting news is certainly another positive step from Facebook, clearly indicating their constant efforts in improving their platform for advertisers in measurable ways that provide genuine results that make business sense.

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