Parenting in the Digital Age and Cell Phones. Undoubtedly one of the most contentious issues in most households nowadays. Mobile phones and their incessant use. With the introduction of internet, new digital technologies and social media are used extensively by families worldwide. As adult usage has increased more than ever and subsequently the younger generation has also followed suit.

Nonetheless, the fundamental role of parents and the goals of parenting remain unchanged: parents and caregivers are still required to provide for, protect, nurture, love, guide and advise their children. Many parenting practices of the past are still effective today, when grounded in values and principles of positive parenting that foster open communication and trust. These models and values need to be extended into the online world in order to establish the connection between traditional values and the online world, but also to contain the risks linked to it for children.

Digital parents need to effectively act as digital guardians to their children in a plethora of ways available to them. Using privacy settings on social media accounts, monitoring their child’s digital footprint and identity, and placing appropriate limits and measures are key to being involved in your child online environment. After all, parents and caregivers tend to be the first providers of technology to their young children, and hence need to have full comprehension of what young children may encounter in the digital world.

So let’s have a look at 5 simple tips you could also take advantage of below.

“Digital parents” nowadays are expected to be responsible role models, whilst also establishing valuable rapport, communication and trust with their children. This will in turn, allow them to discuss their online activities openly without fear of judgement. It is also crucial for parents in today’s digital era to swiftly understand what style of parenting works best for their families. In this way, their children will not only participate in the digital age, but thrive, while being protected from any risks posed by their online interactions. Finally, parents and caregivers should always be aware of their own behaviours, as children will copy, and mimic behaviours.

The online world today is enormous and filled with content, information and knowledge but also a lot more. Make sure to have full awareness of the online world to the extent you can, and do not fear to ask, search and listen. Speak to your children about Social Media, its Impact and effect on your family and children.

However, the above are merely tips and advice, and each family, child and situation is different. It is therefore crucial to also seek assistance if and when required. For more information on how to deal with Social Media and Mental Health, you can also speak to Inner Space Counselling. Feel free to visit their website here, to find out more and do not hesitate to start the conversation with your children.

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