Some may think that traditional marketing is a thing of the past for most industries. Consequently in order to save money and at the same time build strong brand awareness in other to increase sales may seem impossible, but the solutions to your problems are easier than what you may think. Unique advertising campaigns that drive your target market seem to be the way forward in minimizing costs while achieving results.


Know your audience

Most people think that traditional advertising methods are less effective on younger generations; researchers have found this to be false. Most youths consider this option to be better than digital advertising.

So why waste additionally budget on expensive online campaigns when traditional advertising is still having the desired impact?

Most people prefer to see adverts that are inclined to their interests and shopping style. Perhaps knowing who most of your clientele would help you tailor advertising campaigns to their specific tastes thereby increasing sales.

Let’s say your company sells cars; once you’ve carefully studied your target markets’ preferences, you may discover that they value safety over additional fancy features like the improved sound system and heated seats.

This amount of information will cut costs for a long while as advertising will get more recognition and this will curb wasted spending on campaigns that will end up being unsuccessful.

Customer satisfaction is the key, by knowing who they are and what they want, will save lots of funds by not having to amend messages along the line.


Quality over quantity

By prioritizing location, you get as many eyes on your display signs as possible. Traffic count, visibility and distance to your business are essential for your signs to be successful.

Paying attention to better quality locations will increase your exposure and effectiveness at the same time, cutting costs. Normally, businesses tend to think that the more billboards you put up, the more eyes and footfall it is going to attract. Therefore, targeting cheaper locations will reduce cost and get more brand awareness? Wrong, when it comes to location quality wins over quantity all the time.

Make good use of events and exhibitions as an additional platform to show off your signage- they can also be used to attract people who pass by and could be the beginning of a sale. However, they need to be purely this and nothing else because making display signs a sales pitch is likely to reduce consumer interest and cost organizations.


Intrigue not inform

If you can create captivating messaging that tells a story to your customer, then you are on to something big. Capturing your audience’s attention by letting them know how they could benefit from the product is way more efficient than giving them a long list of benefits.

As earlier discussed, customers prefer advertising that is directed specifically at them. Thereby, producing carefully strategized campaigns will be cost effective and attract more customers.

For example; the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign was primarily about what users can do with the phone rather than the capabilities of the phone itself. Your story should center on the user’s experience, not around the company’s aims and objectives.

Offline to online Statistics has shown that people who see an outdoor advertising campaign are 17% more likely to connect with a brand on their smartphone. Having this in mind, it is advisable to include your social media details as part of your display signs to ensure that people spread the word! Insert a social media icon at the bottom of the poster or billboard and watch how your following and mentions grow without spending a penny.

Combining social media advertising with offline methods enables you to promote your products and draw attention to your attendance at certain events at no cost! For instance, offering customers with an incentive to visit your stand at an event through a social media platform comes at no price but promotes interaction at such events.

Making sure your message is clear, precise and in line with your target market’s needs should boost your brand awareness campaign and the impact of display signs. Having a clear plan for your traditional advertising campaigns will minimize cost and maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Coupling offline advertising with your online space is another beneficial move to help your business stay on top of spending while growing revenue.


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