Negative social media comments and reviews can sometime be amusing. However they can pose major problems for businesses. Many studies have explored the impact of online reviews on consumer behaviour, and the general consensus is that many customers do read and take note of reviews they find online, including how he business deal respond. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google are unavoidable parts of running a business today. Acting as the primary connection between your company and customers. Negative comments are highly visible and if handled ineffectively, can have an adverse effect on your online reputation

Below we have shared our tips on some of the ways you may wish to deal the negative comments on Social Media.

Respond to comments quickly.

Speed is of the essence. Customers who tend to post negative comments want to feel listened to, which is why they bring their frustration to social media. By responding to the review as fast as you can, it will allow you to shape the conversation. Way before other people decide to chime in to the review which could potentially lead to a long thread of negative comments.

Be sincere

When responding to negative comments it’s important to keep communication personalised to show that you are taking their comments seriously and to also show empathy. Customers can immediately tell when a message has been auto generated. More so,  the same copy and paste message has been delivered as a response to multiple people. Instead, write a response that shows you understand why their comment was made and indicates that you take the comments made seriously.

Take it offline

In some situations, especially in complex scenarios, it may be best to take the conversation away from social media. You’re more likely to soften the stance of an irate customer if they are not on a public social platform. Shift the conversation offline by requesting for the customers email address or phone number to hold a private conversation.

Be polite

Always acknowledge your customers comments, even if they are rude or can take offense from. It may not be easy to keep calm but if you want to protect your brand, be polite. When communicating back, be careful not to use any foul language as this can only escalate matters. It will also not look good in front of your loyal customers to see such a response. Try to keep all relies as friendly as possible.


Indeed, sorry can seem like the hardest word to say. Especially as a company and when you don’t particularly agree with the customers viewpoint. Sometimes an apology is the best way to move forward if for example a product has failed or the services provided want up to scratch.

Here at CFM Group, as part of our Social Media Management services, we will monitor and respond to all comments accordingly. We know how to best positively handle negative social media comments and ensure you brand’s reputation is maintained and projected in a positive light.

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