Since Facebook copied the stories feature from Snapchat, they seem to have made bold steps to take the feature to a whole new level. Facebook is now looking to re-focus its stories tools to provide significant benefit for brands and the latest effort on this front is a new test which would allow Instagram users to cross-platform their Instagram stories to Whatsapp Status.

This functionality is currently being tested among users in Brazil.

Facebook has earlier made moves to make this functional on some other story tools like back in November they announced the merger of the Messenger Day and Facebook Stories into one which means if you upload a story on messenger it appears on Facebook Story (and vice-versa).

They also confirmed the ability to cross-post Instagram stories on Facebook which means if you post an Instagram story you can heave the story appear on the top bar of your Facebook and Messenger, presenting significant reach for those utilizing the cross-posting feature.

And soon Whatsapp will have a cross-posting option.

The linking of all stories will save social media managers a ton of time and will make for more effective campaigns. However there are some things to take into account- some users have reported that their Instagram stories are being cropped when cross-posted to Facebook and there’s the possibility of story fatigue especially among those following you across all platforms. Notwithstanding, cross-posting is a feature worth experimenting with and with the potential addition of Whatsapp, there’s a chance to reach more specific markets.

The reach of these major applications is expanding greatly, and as of today, Messenger and Whatsapp now have over 1.3 billion users and cover even more regions geographically. This makes the addition of Whatsapp as an option for sharing story content hold significant value especially for businesses looking to tap into different markets.

The integration of these features across the board will increase the use of Whatsapp, especially in areas where Snap Chat has not yet breached, and if Snapchat does not make a move to break into these regions, it will be harder for them to get users to switch themselves to Snapchat.

This move is a fairly logical and somewhat expected although there’s the fear that this cross-platform sharing of stories might lead to that’s why Facebook is also working to calibrate stories so that if you have already seen a story on one app, it doesn’t come up on another. This will be logical addition ensuring that cross-posting doesn’t result in over-exposure thereby diminishing the value of stories.

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