Colours can affect us in many different ways and induce various emotional effects. The psychology of colours in marketing have been well researched and scientifically proven to affect our emotions. By understanding the psychology of colours, you can use this to your advantage to effectively market your brand and have a stronger influence towards your target audience.

When planning an effective marketing campaign, take consideration choosing the right colours as you will want to trigger positive emotions. In this blog we have listed 5 colours that can help to boost sales and increase your conversions.


The colour red is often used to represent urgency, power and danger. It grabs and hold peoples attention which is why it works effectively for example impulse purchases. However we would advise using it sparingly.


Blue has the ability to inspire tranquillity, calmness and feelings of stability. This makes a popular choice if you want your customers to think of security and serenity. Also layering blue on a white background is one of the most legible designs.


Natural, organic and environmentally friendly are some of the words that come to mind when people see the colour green. Hence why business with similar interest tend to use green within their branding. Some research even suggest that being exposed to green can make people more creative. The colour green makes a good choice for a call to action buttons.


The colour purple is a bold colour that once used to be reserved only for royalty. It is well noted to be associated with wealth and power. Research also suggests the colour purple is a favourite amongst women more than men so you may wish to take this into consideration based on your target audience.


The colour black is an effective colour element when you use it to accentuate certain functions. Whilst most brands will opt for white spaces when creating their website colour scheme, black can also be just as powerful. Black works well when trying to create a luxury or high end feel for your brand. We would suggest using this colour if you want to add a premium touch to your brand or marketing campaign.

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