In February, Google Ads announced changes to the behaviors of Broad Match Modifier (BMM) and Phrase Matches. By July 2021, the updated changes will be rolled out in all languages and the final changes to be completed. These changes will take effect automatically and users will not need to take any special actions.

As a company that works with Google and provide our customers with a number of different Google AdWords type of campaigns.  The above has changed the way we work. Keeping an eye on any market changes, industry updates, and of course, Google and Facebook algorithm amendments are at the core of what we do. It is hence paramount for us to not only stay in the loop with the latest changes. But to also update our customers, fans, and blog subscribers.

So let’s take a closer look at how the changes made by Google can (and will) impact your campaigns hereafter.

How Phrase match will change

The updated phrase match simplifies match types by combining the control of phrase match, and the expanded reach of broad match modifier. The new matching behaviour will be more expansive than phrase match, but slightly more restrictive than BMM.

For example, the phrase match keyword ‘moving services London to Manchester’ will continue to cover searches like ‘affordable moving services Kent to Liverpool’. It will also cover searches that traditionally only matched under BMM, such as ‘Kent corporate moving services to Liverpool’. For the updated phrase match, word order continues to affect matching behaviour. Therefore ads won’t show for searches where the wording changes the meaning of the match. For example, people looking to move from ‘Liverpool to Kent’.

The updated phrase match will continue to respect the name order when it is important to the meaning.

Changes to Broad Match Modifier

Broad match modifier as a separate matching behaviour will no longer be available. This change means that existing BMM keywords will behave exactly as if they were phrase keywords.

There is a mixed reaction to the changes amongst the community. Some do not agree that the removal of the modified broad match type allows for greater control. Instead, for some users it appears to be in line with the push toward automated/Smart bidding—with Google having the control.

This new version of phrase match will fully replace BMM which means advertisers will no longer be able to create new broad match modifier keywords. Instead, advertisers can use phrase match for keywords that they would have previously used BMM

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