Beauty is a huge industry as well are fully aware nowadays. Whether it is Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers or simply make-up lines from Youtube stars, the way in which people view and use products is constantly evolving. Brands are taking more risky and exciting approaches to marketing their products. 

If you are thinking about launching a beauty product(s), then your marketing needs to resonate with an audience. Kylie Jenner and her famous lips are the sole marketing for her brand Kylie Cosmetics. Drew Berrymore’s Flower Beauty captures how simple and easy beauty can be. Having a target audience is important. How will you attract potential customers online?

Some ideas:

Giveaways – A great way to start the ball rolling, giveaways can spread the word about your brand quickly and help to grow your brand’s social accounts.


Influencers – Gifting products will allow you to collect some handy content to re-post and potentially use on your website. It also promotes your brand to a very niche and engaged audience.


Paid Promotion – Your promoted posts on Facebook can reach a very small, highly-niche audience that could very likely be the perfect customer for your product. Research this carefully, as paying Facebook to target customers in Nigeria and America when your boutique is in Leeds obviously won’t work – think carefully about who, where and how you’ll attract your new customers! Handy tip: You can read more about the times you should post here!


Packaging –  Make sure that your packaging is “Instagrammable” – some beauty brands are now Insta-famous as they have been featured on so many shelves. If it’s resonating with an audience – as Glossier has perfected, it will sell itself once the ball starts rolling. Millenial pink packaging sells. Unusual packaging sells. Be unique.

So, how can you best market a product that is brand new if you want to watch your budget? Sampling! There are beauty editors, magazines, bloggers, influencers and Youtube stars that will have PO Boxes to send items to. It is not a foolproof way to gather coverage but this is a highly-recommended, industry-standard tip. You never know who will pick up your item and love it – therefore including it in their article or blog post.


How do you think that the industry will change in 5 years?

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