One of the most important parts of a website is the landing page. A well-designed landing page will be effective at drawing  visitor’s attention to your call to action(s), whilst giving them the information they need to make the decision to act. You are most likely to find that landing pages are the main part of a website that can greatly increase conversions. Whether that may be for your pay-per-click (Google Ads) or email marketing campaigns.

In this blog, we’ll explore further as to what landing pages really are, along with some key points to help you build a high-converting landing page.

What is a landing page?

Essentially, a landing page is any page that can receive traffic from anywhere other than the same pages on your website. It’s a page that is designed to facilitate a single desired action, for example, to make a purchase, filling out a form, signing up for a free trial or entering an email address.

The users will “land” after clicking on a link in which they may have found, for example as part of a Facebook post, Google ad or even within a newsletter – hence the term “landing”.

An effective landing page can help you convert page visitors into followers, sign-ups, or customers.

Why should I use landing pages?

A landing page can be a great way to drive traffic, improve your SEO and build your brand. It can guide customers to use specific products, services and encourage them to take action. Primarily It can help to narrow your focus and remove clutter from your pages that could potentially distract your visitor from taking the action you would like them to take. Therefore it allows you greater control to direct visitors and help them find what they’re looking for much faster. Leading to an increase conversion rate and sales. In addition, It helps to reinforce your brand by leaving a great impression on the visitors even if they don’t convert the first time round.

As you can see from our information above, landing pages are so important, but there is a misconception that they are hard to create and maintain. However, this is not actually the case. Creating an effective landing page is not about showing off what you have. They shouldn’t be a long sales letter or an opportunity to push a hard sell. This is about giving your visitors exactly what they want.

How do you create an effective landing page?

1. Focus on the main goal of your landing page

A crucial step in this process is setting a goal for your landing page. The goal will determine the requirements for the design and function of your website. By having a clear goal, you will understand what design elements are needed from the beginning. For example the layout and content would need to be considered prior to designing. Most designs will want to encourage sales, software trials, newsletter sign ups, and more.

2. Write your text

As much as a good landing page relies on design, It has been proven that effective and engaging text is also just as crucial. When preparing your content, focus on these three elements: the headline, the benefits of your website and the simplicity of information.

The headline you will want to make sure it’s memorable, clear, and solves the problem your visitors care about most. Remember that you will only have a short amount of time to grab a visitor’s attention to your landing page. Once you have caught their attention, show the benefits of your service or product. Explain to your visitors how you’ll solve their problems, how your product can help make their lives easier, and why this is a benefit. Lastly, try to avoid unnecessary business jargon and aim to keep your sentences short and concise.

3. Create a clear CTA button

The call to action is the primary purpose of the page. This is where you want visitors to actually perform an action on your landing page. The rest of your landing page is supporting information to lead your visitors to the CTA. No matter what action you would like from your visitors to do –  whether that is to buy, download, join, click, or try for free, you need to make it specific and singular.  Try to be more specific to get better results by using “See Pricing” or “Start Your Free Trial” instead of “Learn More” or “Get Started“.

A Comprehensive Guide to Landing Pages

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and have a better understanding as to how landing pages are an important tool that should be in every marketer’s arsenal.

But if you want to take full advantage of landing pages in your work, feel free to contact our team who can custom create a bespoke landing page for your website.


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