Looking for massive organic traffic? Want people to get full awareness of your brand?

Then what you really need is an effective dose of SEO tips for your website.

Let’s get one thing straight first, filling your website with multiple pages stuffed with floods of keywords is NOT SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is actually a way of programming, just without the use of huge lines of code.

With the right rules, methods, modules and ratios, SEO can give your website the right kick-start to appear on the top of desired search results and engage the right audience. We have gathered 7 SEO Tips to improve your website. These will surely lend you a helping hand in your digital marketing adventures.

  1. Never Ignore the power of Social Media.

               In 2014 Matt Cutts, former part of Google SEO team, released a video which said that Social Media metrics (such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers – which indicate a profile’s authority and influence) have no effect on search rankings.

Social Media might not be a direct factor, but it does have great influence on your SEO ranking.

A study held by HootSuite tried testing the SEO results of articles with and without social promotion. Their results? Things most shared on Social Media received an average 22% boost.

So YES! Social Media IS IMPORTANT.

  1. Shorten your Metadata.

Besides Social Media platforms, a page’s Click-Through-Rate can be impacted by Meta-Data which can positively affect a page’s ability to rank which makes Meta descriptions very important to be descriptive.

But, don’t reveal EVERYTHING in your Meta description.Google has now come back to snippet length of 158-160. It’s best to keep meta descriptions long enough that they’re sufficiently descriptive but never put too much in them.

  1. Image SEO IS A THING.

Naming your images according to the content of your website is very important as it greatly impacts the SEO of your web-page. Putting the Alt-name of images makes the identification of your images easy for search engines.

Just like uploading images in Social Media, Captions to images make the content 300% more attention grabbing and can never be ignored by the audience. Without affecting the size of the images, optimize them as much as possible. Fast loading websites are even more likely to engage the audience.

  1. The RIGHT keywords

It can be very tricky to choose the keywords for SEO of your website.

But arguably, the most important aspect of SEO is choosing the best and most related keywords. The target keyword should convey the website’s core topic.

Once chosen correctly, the right keyword is inserted into your website it can help you slowly but steadily in improving your overall ranking. With that being said, the importance of the RIGHT keywords is crystal clear.

  1. Make your content RELATED.

With all the SEO tips above, we hope your page will hopefully end up in the list of high ranked Google pages. But remember content is key.
If the content lacks the relativity with the keywords, it surely would not stay there for long. Writing GREAT content is an art! Pay attention to the content of your website and make it related to the keywords to make your website stand out of the crowd.

  1. Think BROAD and LONG TERM.

When it comes to SEO strategies, planning Broad and Long term is a point, which should be kept the top priority.

SEO works most effectively when implemented as a long-term strategy, and below is the piece of advice to make it achieve that.

  • being Mobile friendly and responsive is a must have for every website.
  • Optimization of your website to load as quickly as possible is very important.
  • Keep the content in a proper flow to keep the audience engaged.
  • Make the content to be focused around the keywords.

But don’t focus only on these strategies as there are a lot others present in market but these are the ones to focus most of your energy on.

  1. SEO and Social media

               The true identity of profiles on Social Media is difficult to asses, so it becomes almost impossible for search engines to know what value should be given to a link. Search engines might see Social Media platforms as any other website, but they do know that links posted by the profiles on these sites are not endorsed by the Social Media sites themselves. So, if Social Media doesn’t directly affect search rankings, why is it important for SEO?

Social Media

  • can build a positive brand image for your website.
  • gives you organic audience which are more likely to engage to your content.
  • would also make a huge impact on the mentions of your website giving it more engagement, hence a better place in ranking.
  • would broaden your reach, making more people to be engaged with your Marketing website.

With all that being said, there is no limit to the strategies and ways of getting your website to that first page. But these are the best tips you can use to make that dream come true.

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