You are building a new website and making sure you curate and create great content. You want it to be shared and liked with your fans and followers. But how do you get the attention of that audience in the first place? What if people do visit your website and despite the interesting and engaging text, they are swiftly put off by your colours or logo? What if your page simply looks..”amateurish” and “plain” to them?


Well, then you have probably already lost them at hello. Your words never have a chance to take root or will actually resonate with them.

That’s where the element of design comes into play. Good design, creates a welcoming first impression. It engages your site visitors and draws them in so they’ll actually spend time with your information.

It’s effectively the difference between throwing some nuts on the table in front of your guests, and presenting a meal that’s carefully made, plated meticulously and smells amazing.

Want to build up an appetite for your content?

So let’s have a look at 6 tips below that will make your website stand up and attract that initial attention your require to keep your guest there.

Have you got any other tips that work for you? Let us know

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