Times are tough. What with coronavirus and newly announced, increase tax in the latest budget it is crucial for any business nowadays, to seek and make use of all possible ideas dor their marketing. As such, finding budget-friendly ways to promote your business, could be key to your future success as a start-up.

Establishing the product or service that you intend to sell is vital for your business to get going.  However, that is only half the story. Now you need to get your business out there, tell people about it and get it seen. The good news is, there are plenty of ways for you to market yourself to your customers without the need to spend a large amount of money. Small businesses can get the word out of their products or services to prospective customers with little to no costs.

So let’s have a look at ways, you could promote your business, without breaking the bank!

Create a brand and logo

This may seem like a simple idea but establishing your brands’ identity is the first step for brand recognition worldwide. Ultimately, you want to create a brand that defines your business values and personality. Building a brand not only consists of creating a logo, tagline, and other visual elements but is also key in forming a separation from your competitors. Let your brand inspire other people to spread the word about your business.

Build a website

Creating a website is essential to promote and showcase your business.  It is relatively easy to create with the help of the many ready-made website templates that are available online. However, ensuring that your website is fully functional, accessible, whilst being-mobile friendly and attractive at the same time can become a more complex job. This is where it would benefit to hire a professional web developer / digital agency like CFM Group to help you create a fully optimised website. Click here to learn more about our affordable web design package starting from just £599!

Set up a blog

This tip costs absolutely nothing and just requires a bit of time. Writing your own blogs is a great way to engage with your potential customers and existing customers. Spend time to create content that will keep your audience engage with information on updates, new releases, upcoming sales and useful information that they will want to save. It’s best practice to have a posting schedule, say once a week which also helps with your on-site SEO.

Use Call to Action in your emails

With your website up and a live blog or two, this is a great time to start emailing potential customers. You ultimately want customers to visit your site, read a blog or to purchase a product/service. One way to achieve this is to add a call-to-action button in your emails. Directly ask your readers to click on a bright coloured button to “Read More” or “Shop Online”. These obvious buttons assist readers onto the next step and will help bring more awareness and sales.

Offer a free consultation

If you are able to offer a free no-obligation consultation to potential customers you can use this as an opportunity to turn these customers into buyers. Customers are more likely to proceed with a sale or service once they have had an opportunity to discuss it with a professional. A free consultation is likely to encourage customers to give your service or product a try.

Ask for reviews

Once you have delivered a service or sold a product, encourage your customers to leave you a review. This can either be directly on your website, on Google or even on a platform that you initially connected through. Follow up with customers with a link that takes them directly to leave a review or to leave a comment. Ensure to take note of any feedback received, good or bad, to help build upon your brand.

CFM GROUP has over 8 years of experience in the Website Development market. Just read our testimonials to know you are in good hands. Every single website we create is bespoke because no single client is the same. Getting to know your business and your exact needs are integral to producing a beautiful website that looks professional and sells your services or products to your target audience effectively.

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