Social media marketing requires both strategy and creativity. Most businesses use social media as part of their marketing efforts and it is an important strategy that should not be overlooked. Social media marketing makes it easy to spread awareness about your products and services. It will help to increase your brand awareness and therefore lead to more sales and take up of your services.

If you are totally new to social media or want to double-check your social media priorities in 2022, our guide has you covered. Check out our 5 tips below to avoid failure in Social Media Marketing.

Avoid Failure In Social Media Marketing: 5 Social Media Marketing Tips

Follow relevant profiles

It is true that one way to increase your following is to follow other accounts. Although it is best to avoid following any and every profile that you see just to increase your followers number. Whilst it may work in the short term, you will eventually be following a lot of random accounts that have no relation to your business and following people who have no real interest in your business or services.

This is also important to consider especially when intreating with your followers. It is best practice to like and comment on profiles that are relevant to your business or target audience. One way in which this can be done is though the use or relevant hashtags that will help to focus more on a specific audience and lead to more relevant social interactions.

Publish varied content

Another mistake we often see businesses make is repeating the same type of content. Not only does this get quite boring from your followers but it can cause you to lose engagement and eventually a lose in following.

We know that sometimes businesses do not always have the time to think of new, creative content to add to their social schedule. Which is why hiring a specialist Social Media Marketing agency like CFM Group would be beneficial. A dedicated team will draw on industry research and create engaging and creative content that is varied

Post frequently

When it comes to social media, it is important that you post on a regular basis. Ideally follow a posting schedule so your followers know when to expect to see your new content.

If people see that you have not posted for a while on your social media, it could create distrust for your business. This is because people may assume your business is not very active, doesn’t exist or is not very reputable.

In between posting, you can keep you followers engaged though other features such as reels, stories and IGTV so they always have something new to interact with.

Use different content for each platform

Another big mistake we notice for businesses using social media is copying and using the same content across all platforms. Each social media platform has it’s own unique audience and works in a different way. Consider the platform you are posting for and adapt the text and tone accordingly.

For example it may be less effective to use a lot of emojis in a LinkedIn post in which many professions businesses use. However the use of emojis and short written content that is casual in tone works well for an Instagram post.

Using the same content can get boring for people especially for those who follow you on all of your social media platforms. By posting diverse content across you platforms, you can target your audience more effectivity and keep them engaged.

Schedule you posts

We advise to always have some content ready in advance to be scheduled. This way you will always have content readily available and can schedule your posts ahead of time. Not only will this save you time but it will allow you to spend more of you time on other areas of your business rather than having to worry every day about what to post.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog. Start implementing our tips above so you can avoid failure In your social media marketing strategy for your business.

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