The company’s team represents combined experience of over 100 years serving a diverse range of companies and industries. CFM Group creates online strategies that target a client’s current and potential customer community. We build, engage and influence communities responsibly using social media, digital marketing, media/public relations and advertising.

Here at CFM Group we work with a vast number of companies, in a plethora of different industries and niches. As such, we often get contact by Marketing agencies looking to make their first steps in the sector. They hence naturally seek some advice and guidance as to how to make a start for their business. And this exactly is where we come in.

As a Digital Marketing Agency for over a decade now, our employees are able to not only help with tips but also offer genuine advice on how to be clear, concise and effective in the message a business is looking to communicate. The industry is after all large enough to accommodate new entries and smaller companies able to provide a custom service.

We consequently always ensure they are aware of 4 basic tenets that all marketing (And not only) companies should be aware of when starting up. Method, Terminology, Metric and roles.

So let’s have a look at each in a bit more detail in our infographic below, and provide a useful definition as to what each one of them means.

So now you have the basic information you need, you can start planning and organising your communication strategy to your potential clients. But as our motto here at CFM Group is, remember. Honesty is the Best Policy.

CFM Group Digital Marketing Agency

CFM GROUP has over 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry. We are proud to have more reviews than any other local company in our industry, assuring our customers they are in good hands. Every single website we create is bespoke as no single client is the same. Getting to know your business and your exact needs are integral to producing a beautiful website.  That not only looks professional, it sells your services or products to your target audience effectively.

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