There is a lot to think about in the pretend “A-Z of Influencer Marketing” book, but here are three, quick and easy tips for you to have a think about today. Nobody wants to waste money and not receive a return on their investment, so we put together this quick lunchtime read for you today.

  1. Influencers are much more likely to over-deliver when there is a high quality relationship at the forefront of a working partnership. So essentially, if you work with someone, pay them on time, be polite, be effective and straightforward about your goals, and it can lead to a much better strategy longterm.
  1. The much loved ‘Swipe-Up’ feature is not used as much as you think it is. Unless industry stars are sharing an item, the majority of consumers won’t instantly buy a product from the swipe-up feature. Often, people will swipe up, check it out and revisit the site later. There are exceptions to this, as with any industry, but don’t just write someone off because they are only getting 5 swipes on a product. Often consumers will just Google it later on.
  1. Don’t force ideas or colour schemes. If the Instagram photo for your product looks off-brand on the influencer’s feed, it’s not going to perform as well. Therefore, both you and the influencer loose authenticity. Creative freedom is key, otherwise you risk making a blogger or influencer feel restricted and forced to produce a certain style of photo.


Food for thought! How will you improve your next campaign? Let us know if you agree or disagree.

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Written by Natasha Kendall from