When I first started at CFM Group 5 months ago, I was a different person. The work I’ve done, the people I’ve met, and the opportunities I’ve been given have shaped the way I think about myself and my future career. That is why I wanted to share 10 things that I have learnt from my internship. Although some lessons speak to the unique culture of digital marketing, I think there are valuable tips that any intern can follow.

1) Be yourself

We all have our little quirks, and it’s what makes work fun. Of course at the start I was very nervous and conscious of making the right impression. However as time went on I finally relaxed, and my work became more creative, my relationship with clients become more relaxed and the marketing campaigns became more successful.

2) Pay attention to detail

It doesn’t take long for anyone senior to pick up on any errors at a glance. So take the time to be thorough with your work and soon enough tasks that would have taken 30 minutes to do will take 15 minutes. From experience I would also encourage to be organised at your desk and limit distractions.

3) It ok to ask questions

As an intern, you’re not expected to know how to do everything. Instead of pretending you know something you don’t or that you understand something more that you do, be honest. The CEO of CFM Group, Nick Kalavas was always very generous in offering his patience, guidance and knowledge. You’re there to learn, so lap it up!

4) Be confident in what you can bring to the organisation

Bring all your skills to the table, even if you think they might not be relevant. It was surprising just how many skills can be utilised within digital marketing and by what tasks I enjoyed and what tasks I thought I would never be good at.

5) Be friendly when sending emails

When sending emails, always say please and thank you, even for something small. You have to remember that people are busy and everyone appreciates the gesture and acknowledgement of this. Being polite and showing people kindness goes a long way and it’s a great way to avoid sounding like a robot and instead sending friendlier emails.

6) Caffeine

The little things are what you remember most about a job or internship. Coffee is one for me. At CFM Group we have a great coffee maker that everybody enjoys using and smells great! A coffee break can be a great way of taking a break and making a coffee for your boss is always a nice thing.

7) Take advantage of free stationary at the office

At CFM the office is kitted out with CFM branded stationary. Of course it’s all colour co-ordinated and when meeting clients it looks great and professional.

8) Always stay appreciative of the opportunity

Even if you don’t like a project, you should approach it with the same energy and enthusiasm with which you would approach projects that you love. Remember; enthusiasm is highly contagious, so take on every task with open arms and give it one hundred and ten percent!

9) Networking

I met a lot of fab people through my internship at CFM group and managed to really involve myself in the clients. As such I make a point to connect with clients because it helped to strengthen our professional relationship. It comes along with a general curiosity to learn more about other industries. Plus you might bump elbows with someone in the future!

10) Have Fun

I had a great time at my internship. I looked forward to catching the train and coming into work. This is because I knew that every day I would learn something new and I also loved what I was working on.

Feel free to leave any questions about internships. I’d also love to hear any other tips that people have about how they get the most out of an internship.

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