It shouldn’t be a secret that Twitter has truly become a valuable tool for business. One important aspect of this tool is its ability to generate leads that can ultimately be turned into valuable conversions. There are some steps you can take to make the most out of generating these leads on Twitter.

• The first thing to remember in order to optimize your Twitter time is to be quick and to the point with any tweets or efforts. Twitter is an incredibly fast moving platform that is updated constantly and the attention span of users can be quite low. Start with your profile, make sure your personal description is concise and contains all the important information. Even the URL you use on your profile should lead to a concise page that only contains the crucial information needed to make a conversion, if your homepage doesn’t do this you might consider creating a custom page.

• When it comes to actual tweets, a perfectly clear and concise call to action will be much more effective than a longer explanation. Even URL’s can be made more straight forward and concise as services such as Bitly/OwLy allow you to shorten clunky URL’s to give a cleaner look and save some of those characters.

• While you always want to be clear and concise, it does pay to add images to your posts. Posts with images are far more likely to be engaged than those without and engagement is the first step to generating a lead. Just make sure the image is relevant to your marketing and lead generation goals. While adding images is always a good idea, don’t get carried away adding too many hashtags. These are great for exposing posts to wider audiences but they can be quite distracting.

• Twitter is also unique in that you can research and reach out to potential clients and customers directly. Unlike a lot of other social media platforms you can talk to anyone without being friends or followers first. This ability allows you to be much more proactive in generating leads. You can also take advantage of the search tool, and attempt to link your services to topics that are currently trending, this could expand your reach significantly! Twitter cards are another unique feature that allows users to engage in your content without ever even leaving their feed. Taking the time to learn more about Twitter and its features is a crucial step in generating leads on this platform.

Twitter is a powerful business tool, but like any tool it is only useful if it is used correctly. Keep your content clear and concise, use images, don’t get carried away with hashtags, and take advantage of the platforms features like search, direct messaging, and Twitter Cards. These simple tips will have your Twitter account making conversions in no time!

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