It was an exciting day for some of us on the 22nd of May but mostly for Twitter employees and senior staff. The Twitter 2017 Shareholders meeting was held and there were a number of exciting subjects on the agenda to be discussed. From turning the social network into a cooperative owned by its users to the potential of increasing video views on the platform, subjects varied and Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey was amongst others providing useful insight into the future of Twitter.

The truth is, the majority of the information disseminated was not necessarily a breakthrough or that innovative as such as the Board still had to cover a number of “bases” that are potentially uninteresting to marketers and the general public.

Nonetheless, one very interesting detail regarding videos emerged which could potentially be of great interest to most of us.

In a specific part of his presentation on the platform’s performance,CEO Jack Dorsey presented the image attached below to shareholders and other attendees.

In the image, you can clearly see the tweets but also a selection of in-progress live videos at the top of the feed, which would work in similar fashion to how the ‘In case you missed it..’ tweet highlights work – users will be informed on what is happening locally (or wherever they have expressed an interest) and then their feed will effectively convert to real time updates after that.

This could potentially offer a new opportunity to Twitter and more importantly its users’ to share and view more videos hence increasing the time spent on Twitter as well as the information shared. In relation to the above and obviously boosting engagement, Dorsey also noted that they “are working on utilizing notifications to make users more aware of personally relevant news events as they happen” by using an example of a local march in his area and how he could potentially receive notifications prior to the event or even throughout its duration. This is not yet in practice but could be the future of the above feature.

All of the above, is really the Core capability and competitive advantage of Twitter to other social media platforms and will obviously be a major part of any future expansion or growth strategies for Twitter.

As CEO, J. Dorsey noted:

“That is the power of what we have – we can deliver you the news first about what’s going on and why it’s important”

As we are all aware and I have personally blogged several times , video has become increasingly important for most Social Media platforms and it is only natural that Twitter is attempting to be part of this earlier rather than later. However, there is undoubtedly a long way ahead yet and a lot of work to be done.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the Annual Meeting, you can download and view the Management presentation by clicking here or you can alternatively watch the full event on Periscope here.

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