Traditional and digital marketing are two ends of the marketing spectrum which involve different methods and tools. Business owners are always at the point of deciding whether to incline more to digital marketing or stay with traditional marketing. This dilemma is even more for businesses built in the industrial age that has relied on traditional marketing for a long time.

Traditional marketing uses more traditional advertising tools such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and billboard. Until the popularity of this Internet, this form of advertising was generally accepted and effective.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, uses Internet-based methods to advertise products and services. Digital marketing includes the use of social media, blogs, applications, and emails to reach the target audience of a product or service.

Today, most people are online more than they are reading a magazine or paper. This trend has increased the focus on digital marketing. However, traditional marketing still has its appeal. The pros and cons of digital and traditional marketing are highlighted below.

Digits Marketing Pros

Digital marketing offers a more targeted and direct form of marketing. With digital marketing tools, analytics of marketing campaigns can be measured and insights gotten for further marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is also an affordable form of marketing. Even small businesses can run effective digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Cons

Digital marketing requires specialized training on the different tools and methods utilized in advertising. Also, it might take to see the returns of a digital marketing campaign, since it first requires building a rapport with the target audience.

Traditional Marketing Pros

It is a more familiar form of marketing. Even with the numerous digital marketing tools, a good advert in a magazine still results in a sufficient amount of feedback.

Traditional Marketing Cons

Traditional marketing methods are expensive, even for mid-sized businesses. Traditional marketing methods are not very specific. For example, the audience that listens to an ad on the radio cannot be predicted. For traditional marketing methods like magazine ad placement, there is, however, a bit of a target, the typical readers of the magazine. Traditional marketing methods also allow for little client interactions and feedback.

Both digital and traditional forms of marketing are associated with pros and cons. The appropriateness of a marketing method for a specific campaign depends on the purpose and audience of the campaign.

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