As 2016 is rapidly coming to an end, we decided to focus on some Social Media Marketing trends of 2017 !
Let’s have a look:
Excelling in a minimalistic way
With social media bursting at its seems and most of its users following multiple different accounts, approaching social media marketing with a “less is more” approach seems to work best. Users also tend to prefer quality over quantity and this is even reflected in many social media platform’s algorithms. Post which are perceived as being of higher relevance tend to get favor above mindless posts about everyday happenings. Users no longer wish to see a chronological wall of posts from various accounts, but instead wish to have access to important posts. Fewer posts on their wall also means they can more effectively manage their walls, so to speak. Although quality has always been the most important aspect, social media behavior is driving this fact home even more.

Platform dynamics are shifting
Not too long ago there had only been three big players in social media, all serving mostly the same function with the only difference being its user base. These had been Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If one would look at the current situation one would find a host of different platform, with widely different implementation and user bases. Two of these are Instagram and Snapchat, with both serving a niche specific role and both having a massive user base.

People want videos of current events
Live streaming has seen a surge of interest over the past few years. This trend will likely remain with us forever. People seem to be having an unquenchable thirst for direct delivery, something live streaming excels at. Updates needs too be in-the-moment or else it gets cast aside as old news. With Facebook Live having been released, this can finally be a reality to many.

Social media shopping sprees
As we all know, advertising on any social media platform have, and will always be present. The platform needs some way of making money, right? This however have started to change, with more and more advertisers changing it into somewhat of a retail experience. Many advertisements now include a “buy now” button directly in their advertisement. With social media being excellently adapted to deliver advertisements without interfering with the original content, this will make converting followers into customers a walk in the park.

Social media apps
Let us take a look into the very core of social media. What would we see? Yes, the reason for their existence are to allow social interaction between users. This seems to become even more targeted as of late, with various platforms developing a more focused approach to the various ways of getting a message across. Let us take a look at Snapchat. This platform lifts focus from the social media element somewhat and instead concentrates to get a specific message out to a specific audience or niche as it is called. Snapchat focused on content that may not be relevant anymore in a week or two, so high volumes and one-sided communication are frequently found there. Facebook is also jumping on this bandwagon, releasing a specific messenger concentrating on businesses. This allows brands and customers to engage in diverse ways, further enhancing the appeal of said media platform.

Personalisation is key
Users do not wish to see the same content day in and day out, and definitely don’t want to have a feed looking the same as the person next to them. They also do not wish to see media they have no interest in. Various platforms thus try to optimise their algorithm to ensure users get content they actually want to see. However these algorithms are not always spot on as recently proved by accusations towards Facebook on political biases.

App functionality is diversifying
The apps for specific platforms are developed and owned by the platforms itself. In essence these platforms need to make money too, so their apps are also optimized to do exactly this. Users data and ad space seems to be a valued commodity these days. One problem though is keeping the user inside the app with the number of advertisement flying around. Apps have now started to offer deeper functionality in order to keep users coming back for more. In app searches, embedded content and in Facebook’s case, a personal assistant, are only some of the ways platforms aim to keep its users occupied.
Some of this functionally manifested over time while others had a full blown release as an innovative feature, which normally had been surrounded by PR.
To keep up with social marketing one does not necessarily have to adopt each and every one of these strategies but knowing about them is key. Different strategies will work for different niches and in order to keep up with your competitors it helps to have a deeper understanding of all the relevant strategies that could be employed to market effectively. If you don’t you will likely find yourself a cast-out pretty soon, even more so with the speed social media is moving along.

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