There was a time when you could set up a business, put a nice sign out front and have your friends do some word of month advertising and you were on your way to success. This no longer the case. Whether your business works locally or globally social media is a requirement if businesses want to reach their full potential.

It shouldn’t be a secret just how popular social media has become. Nearly everyone is connected to some form of it. What does this mean for your business? It means you have a huge pool of potential customers to tap into. The amount people who drive by your shop or read your newspaper ad are incredibly limited in comparison to the amount of people you can connect with on social media.

Looking beyond the massive amount of potential customers there are a number of other reasons why social media is a must for business. Most forms of social media have analytic tools that allow you to really get to know your customer base. Using these same tools, you can target a very specific demographic based on your businesses goals.

Some clever advertising and promotion can quickly go viral and essentially kill two birds with one stone by increasing your audience and followers as well as sales leads. The possibilities don’t end with posts either, as you can do the same with paid advertising on social media where you can again target specific demographics.

Social media is truly the new word of mouth, and for some already busy small business owners it can be an intimidating and overwhelming aspect of business. It really is a requirement for success in todays’ world, and those who do feel overwhelmed can always hire a social media manager which will no doubt quickly pay for itself.

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