It might be easy to assume that social media is a passing fad. That it will be replaced by some superior technology and when it was first introduced there was no doubt those who believed just that. This has hardly been the case though and instead social media has continued to grow not only in users but also in the number of platforms available. As 2017 approaches rest assured that social media will not only maintain its relevance but will continue to become more and more important for businesses.

Social platforms drive traffic

  • Google searches may be the only method of driving traffic that still outperforms social media. The number of users on social media has reached staggering numbers and these users increasingly use these platforms to search for more information about a business. They may go directly to a businesses Facebook page or check a Twitter feed, and only then do they ultimately go to an actual website for information.

A cost-effective marketing approach

  • Social media platforms are free to set up meaning marketing through these platforms is not only effective but it’s also free. While many businesses opt to pay a social media manager or use paid advertising strategies on social media, at its base level it’s free and this is about as cost-effective of a marketing approach as any business can ask for.

The ultimate result: Increasing conversions

  • Driving traffic to your website and a cost-effective marketing approach will keep social media relevant for the foreseeable future, but they are becoming more important because they also increase sales, which is the ultimate goal of any marketer. Platforms are continuing to cater to businesses and Facebook now has the ability to sell products and process transactions without users ever leaving the Facebook website. Social media also allows you to post direct calls to action that can convert into sales immediately.

Social medias not going anywhere anytime soon

  • The bottom line? Not only is social media not going away anytime soon, but it is becoming an increasingly important tool for marketing professionals. Businesses everywhere are going all in on social media and having success in doing so. Don’t be left behind, make sure social media is a key part of your marketing strategies for 2017.

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