Pizza And Social Media, What A Match!

As a company, we work with over 45 pizzerias in the UK, placing us as 1 of the market leaders in marketing such establishments.

When takeout first came into the world, we thought that was the best idea that one could possibly come up with in the food industry. “Ring, I Bring” is a concept that has been adapted by thousands of brands and restaurants all over the world, to make it just that easier for you to get your food. The fast food industry and chain restaurants have embraced this concept by delivering even the tiniest burger to customers 6 miles away. It may sound ridiculous why someone would do that, but once you try it, there is no going back. The satisfaction of a doorbell notifying you of your foods’ arrival is better than the oven ding that has barely warmed your frozen pizza. But, is there still a way to top this off? Is it possible to make your ordering and delivery services even easier? If I told you yes, you would totally flip out, wouldn’t you?

The Answer Is Yes!!

Yes, it does get better. Yes, there is provision to be even lazier. Imagine if all you had to do was press a couple of buttons on your phone screen to order a pizza. No more calling and having the restaurant getting your order wrong cause of your brilliant accent. After years of what can only be termed as a fierce rivalry, UK’s Just Eat has become one of the biggest players in this industry by providing its customers and other consumers scan menus and orders at just 10-15 percent per transaction. You were going to use that to make a call or for fuel. So pocket change!

It’s clear an idea as such cannot fail. As it turns out, that statement is true. Just eat is the market leader in 13 out of the 15 countries it’s in. Having run for over 10 years now, I can assure you, this service is going places, if not world domination!

Social Media In Play
No one hates pizza, even vegetarians. Therefore, over the last couple of years, we have witnessed as pizza market campaigns evolved from sheer ridiculous to genius to crazy and just awesomeness.

A great example is when Dominos created a vehicle contest to prove their determination when it comes to deliveries. This spread like a wildfire as pros and amateurs poured their designs into this. Customers did eventually get to use the somewhat.. unique delivery service with a significant increase noted.
Still another Dominos jackpot was the naked pizza campaign that was aimed to take non-Photoshophed images of pizzas and see what they actually look like when delivered. This boosted their awareness with trending photos of freshly delivered pizza and tweets.

Dominos then escalated this with a game app called ‘Pizza Hero’ that allows you to design your pizza from dough to toppings and send in the order. A fun and cheesy way to place your order. With guys sharing per minute, you can guess what happened. Now you could play a game and order while in traffic. That’s just great service.

It is conclusively vital for Pizzerias & Takeaways to make effective use of social media in creative and engaging ways. Pizza is now just a click away. Turn on your geo-mapping, your food mate could just be around the corner.

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