The news was originally posted by Facebook here ( almost a year and a half ago as it went live for the US audience !

It took a while for social media enthusiasts to adjust to the extra Facebook Messenger app when it originally arrived, with many people confused as to what its need was and how it could be useful. Nonetheless, it is now part and parcel of Facebook and it will soon be allowing its users to share money with each other on it in the UK too.

The service was launched in the United States last year – about March 2015 – and we will soon be able to use it for the first ever time in the UK. With billions of people using the messenger app these new developments could prove to be much easier than the conventional online banking process.

This new feature will allow UK users to link their Mastercard or VISA account to their Facebook account, allowing both peer-to-peer payments or charitable donations to be made quickly and efficiently, adding a very interesting new “personal” feel some say to Facebook which many will find useful.


To send money:

  1. Start a message with a friend
  2. Tap the $ icon and enter the amount you want to send
  3. Tap Pay in the top right and add your debit card to send money

To receive money:

  1. Open the conversation from your friend
  2. Tap Add Card in the message and add your debit card to accept money for the first time

The money you send is transferred right away. It may take one to three business days to make the money available to you depending on your bank, just as it does with other deposits.


For security purposes users will have the option to create a personal code that would be needed before any transaction can be processed, with iOS device users also having the ability to use the Touch ID feature instead of a pin code.

The Facebook Messenger app is certainly developing quickly, as the introduction of games such as basketball and football to be played between friends proved a hit, as well as the recent stripped-back edition aimed at older devices.

So soon we will have this money sharing option, and it seems the social media giant will never stop developing these new and ambitious features. Who knows what could be next?

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