Facebook is now a daily routine for most of us an when it comes to companies and marketing campaigns, it definitely works very hard to constantly update its services and features. Some may argue that it is not always in favour of small companies with even smaller budgets (it is a bid-to-bid system after all) but no one can deny that their developers, are relentless in rolling out new features and updates and testing even more.

Facebook has now rolled-out a number of new updates for its smartphone app and not only. Some of these changes can make a drastic change to certain businesses and hence it is worth having a look at.

  • Cross-app (FB & IG) notifications on mobile – test

Facebook is also in the process of testing out a new system which enables users to get notifications from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram in one stream, and switch to each with a single tap hence making managing them much easier. The new process as you can see in the picture attached below from our Company Page, notifies users of an update and notifications for each platform are presented in your feed.

As administrators for  a number of pages we are not surprised to see this feature at CFM as Facebook has for a while now been attempting to gradually integrate all their key apps. – It is not long ago we were given the ability to respond to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram interactions all in one place and this new update is proof of their work to create a seamless experience on all their platforms.

I am not entirely certain as to whether this will be rolled out permanently and to all pages as it is currently in testing format and we have had no confirmation from Facebook themselves as of yet.

  • Search box now available on all personal profiles

Facebook has ow also added a new search option which you can use to search other users profiles, or even you own for that matter, helping you to locate posts or updates in the past. This is yet however limited by obvious privacy restrictions and is not available to all users.

We’ve all had times where we want to re-read a users posts or share our old post with a new friend and this feature makes it all a tad easier. It’ll also help users find previous articles or videos or articles they or their friends have posted, subsequently eliminating the endless scrolling which we all dread.

Nonetheless, is doesn’t add anything new in terms of search depth and ability as most of the above features were already possible to a certain extent but it will certainly make the “search” process much easier and user friendly.

  • Order directly from Facebook

The days when we used to have to pick up our dinner or even pick up the phone for that matter to place an order are definitely long gone. Especially after the widespread acceptance and use of apps such as Hungry House and Just eat (in the UK), ordering food is easier than ever. Well, this is obviously a large and very profitable market and now Facebook is aiming to further streamline the process to ease their users experience. The catch? You can do it all directly through Facebook and without having to leave their mobile App or website for PC users.

This might not necessarily be that innovative (we can testify to that as we have worked and created ordering systems for clients with Facebook ordering integrated for over 2 years now – click here to have a look)  but the fact that Facebook is now willing to facilitate this and allow companies to make use of it can significantly increase their sales and in return the time spent on Facebook as well as the data shared on the platform.

This is an exciting feature for most new companies – big or small – and certainly something we would strongly advise everyone to make use of to build their product or service awareness.

It seems that Facebook literally changes daily. Whether it’s a different way to communicate with friends, a new update on Facebook pages or the opportunity to order online, it is vital for marketers to stay on op of all changes and implement them accordingly for their clients and pages.

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