Social media is something that everybody is aware of now, people widely use it in reasons to stay in touch with kith and kin that are far off. This charm has benefited us in many ways as now that we’re socially connected even though physically aloof. Now, contacting people miles away from us is no big deal. And in such times, a photo-uploading app ‘Instagram’ was launched…

..It made its mark on social media with an instant impact; today’s generation is obsessed with clicking photos, and uploading every picture on Facebook is too mainstream, so an app that was solely designed to fulfil this desire of uploading endless photos was introduced.

For many years’ people, celebrities, brands have been posting pictures and videos on Instagram to keep their fans and friends updated. No matter how insignificant the picture is and no matter how old it is, you see people uploading all sorts of pictures, just waiting them to get liked by their followers.

It wasn’t long after that when Snapchat was launched. This ‘ghost like logo app’ was introduced as a motive of ‘living in the moment’. Initially, you couldn’t upload anything besides the images that you take via the Snapchat camera and upload it on your story for your followers to see. As more and more people started using the app, the variety and ..weirdness of some of the images uploaded seemed to increase on a minute to minute basis. Whether you’ve just woken up or done eating or that your pet is sleeping, you see all types of snaps awaiting your story. It wasn’t long that celebrities started using it and informing their fans about their whereabouts; the exciting filters are also a bonus for Snapchat users.

Now when Snapchat started to rise – in terms of users – Instagram ‘stole’ the idea of stories as an update to their app.. Literally! They didn’t even bother to change the name ‘stories’. It works like this: when you update your app, on the News-feed you see a strip of the people you follow on top, there is a pink coloured line that encircles the ball of people notifying you that they have posted new stories. You click on them and you see their stories; you can even doodle like you did on Snapchat. By clicking on the ‘plus’ sign at the start of the strip, you can click your picture and upload a story of your own. Unlike Snapchat, you can set customs to who can see specific stories and who can’t.

Snapchat has also deleted its Official Facebook page as of August 2016 citing minimal engagement and lack of activity on the networking site. Instagram is still somewhat active.

To back up on the play vs. Instagram, Snapchat modified their feature of making the stories disappear after 24 hours, they introduced memories so that users are allowed to upload old pictures there as ‘memories’.  Many people were unhappy at first with the unpredictable ‘cheating’ of Instagram, but soon they got used to it. It was an ironic sight to see when people were publicising their Snapchat usernames on Instagram stories; which was an I-didn’t-see-that-coming moment for Instagram. Where both social media apps are shoulder to shoulder on marketing their strategies and new updates, only time will prove who actually won this battle.


What is more, Instagram has only gone and copied the last remaining big feature that Snapchat offered, selfie filters. Only a few days ago, Instagram added a practically identical feature of Snapchat’s much loved reality selfie filters. This might still be in its initial stage but we are certain to see it improve in time. Currently the filters offer a more mature and professional image than Snapchat but it remains to be seen what amendments will be made as Instafans have taken to the craze very well so far. The eight initial “face filters,” as they are called by Instagram, work in the exact same way as the Snapchat ones do and allow users to add virtual nerd glasses, a butterfly crowns, nerd glasses, stars or rabbit ears to your friends’ photos or videos as well as your own.

Either way, both platforms offer some unique features that if used correctly can help build a brand especially if their target audience ranges in the younger ages. The Social Image Sharing is here to stay!

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