When it was first launched, Instagram was mainly seen as a photography phot for people to share their daily pictures. Nonetheless, it has since grown so much that there are now thousands of individuals and brands making a living through Instagram only. People are flocking to Instagram like never seen before on any other Social Media platform..not even Facebook as the company just announced that it’s hit the milestone of 700 million monthly active users. It’s the shortest time Instagram has ever taken to add 100 million to its total…Which also happens to coincide with Instagram adding some of Snapchats’ filters and apps within this period.

So let’s have a look at some amazing facts and stats about Instagram and the growth it has had in the past few years and especially since its acquisition by Mark Zuckenberg and Facebook. We took a close look at a research by the Pew Research Center and here are some of the most interesting finds !

Interesting Facts 

  1. #Love is the #No1 Hashtag on Instagram with over 900000000 tags
  2. National Geographic is the most followed Brand online. Nike and Victoria Secret follow.
  3. Branded posts average 120 times more Engagement on Instagram than Twitter
  4. 95 million photos and Videos are uploaded daily. 92% of that are photos
  5. 20% of Global Online users have an Instagram account
  6. Selena Gomez is the most followed individual on Instagram, with over 118 Million followers, as of April 2017. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift follow respectively
  7. Six in ten Adults that are active online have an Instagram account
  8. Females are more likely to Use the Social Media network than Men
  9. 32% of Teens consider Instagram as the most important Social Media platform
  10. Most Instagram Users are between 18-29 years old

Interesting Stats (Graphs & Infographics)

Number of Instagram Users

Instagram Growth

Users and Engagement

Brands on Instagram

Top 5 Brands

Top 10 Hashtags

Top 10 Emojis Used

Joking aside (emojis), the numbers are impressive. Instagram is most definitely a very user friendly app, easy to find your friends and even easier to create. The addition of some of snapchats features as well as the addition of Collections we reported a few days ago can only improve its popularity and it remains to be seen what new heights the network will achieve.

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