The value of Facebook for business owners is now very well known. It is essential in gaining new customers and maintaining a positive relationship with existing ones. The real value is in directing these followers and customers back to your business or website so you can make conversions in the form of sales. Soon, a new feature on Facebook will allow you to make those sales without users ever leaving the Facebook app or website.

Facebook is in the process of rolling out a new shopping feature which will allow users to make purchases directly from Facebook itself. This will appear as a new ‘Shopping’ section in Facebook where businesses will be able to list their products and users can purchase directly from the page. Depending on a businesses’ settings, users will have the option to use Facebook for payments or be directed to the businesses website for payments.

Utilizing this feature is truly a no-brainer for any business in sales. Internet users have a constantly decreasing attention span and the quickest and most efficiently way a business can make a sale the better. All of your followers who are too busy to actually browse your website now have the opportunity to make purchases without even being bothered to do so.

The service is currently in a testing phase that is limited to only a few specific retail outlets and there is no specific time line for a larger release in the feature. Businesses in sales should certainly be taking note however, as this feature could very well be an easy and effective way to not only expose your products to the masses but turn that exposure into quick sales.


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