This might sound completely.. “Outrageous”, but there used to be a time when phones didn’t double as cameras and when “selfies” (and selfie sticks. Yes selfie sticks!) weren’t a thing.
Of course, we’ve come along a far way from then.

Today, most of our social interactions are infused with visuals – snapping a quick photo to text to a friend, posing at a bar for a selfie, or killing a few minutes scanning through newsfeeds filled with photos and videos.

Instagram is a social media website and online marketing tool that should be part of your marketing toolkit.

If, as a business owner, you aren’t utilizing Instagram as part of your social media campaign then you are truly missing out. Most business owners today are well aware of just how powerful social media can be in promoting their businesses. Facebook and Twitter allow direct connection to fans and a wide variety of ways to interact with current and potential customers. However, the large majority of small businesses fail to utilize Instagram, which leaves a huge untapped and underutilized audience for your business to pursue.

As today’s world becomes increasingly visual, Instagram is becoming a more and more viable way to interact with customers and create sales. Sharing images on Instagram is great way to show the personal side of your business. The ability to share not only images of your products and services, but also your average day at work really puts a personal face on your business. Customers like to know they are doing business with real people, not corporate machines or faceless enterprises.

Instagram also has the ability to integrate with your other social media accounts, allowing you to expand on your entire social network, not just Instagram followers. Ultimately, Instagram is an opportunity for free advertising that shouldn’t be ignored, and for those with a larger budget there is also an option to utilize paid advertising on the Instagram platform.

You should already be utilizing social media to promote your business, but make sure you keep Instagram as part of your plan. This powerful weapon is wildly underutilized by business and as a business owner you truly have the opportunity to get your business on this platform early and look forward to a more successful business in the future.

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