Content marketers have to keep track of a wide variety of things to achieve success. Not only are they writing and managing content but they are creating social media posts, managing sources, and coming up with new content ideas. Luckily, there are Google Chrome extensions that can make all of these tasks a breeze! These what we do on a daily basis and thought we would share some of our knowledge with our Blog followers !

Let’s have a look:


  • Obviously, content marketers are constantly dealing with content and whether your purchasing content from a writer or putting it together yourself it’s vital to make sure that the content is free from grammatical errors. Nothing damages your reputation as a content marketer like obvious grammar errors. Thankfully, the Grammarly extension can automatically check for basic grammar mistakes. The extension will work with the vast majority of the sites you will be using as a content marketer.


  • This great extension can help you out with your daily content marketing tasks on a number of levels. Not only can it help manage social media by scheduling posts and doing a number of other tasks, but it can help you come up with new content ideas as well. The extension will crawl through your content and content on the web and recommend items that will do well when shared on social media. The extension calls itself the “Worlds #1 Social Media and Content Managing App” and if you give it a try you will find out why.


  • Content marketers are always posting content to social media with the goal of getting as many eyes on it as possible. For most social media platforms this means a thorough understanding of what hashtags will lead to the biggest audience, which can be a confusing endeavor. The RiteTag extension can help. The extension will read your social media posts and recommend the best hashtags. It will even provide real time analytics of the hashtags once they are selected!


The web browser is the content marketers ultimate tool and they often find themselves with a ton of tabs open which can quickly hurt browser performance, which only hurts the content marketers productivity. The OneTab extensions aims to solve this by keeping all of your tabs organized in a list. Not only does this help keep you organized but it saves a ton of memory to keep your browser running quickly so you can make the most efficient use of your time.


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