If you are one of those people who are addicted to Facebook live broadcasts, you need to get ready to see some advertisements. Yes, you heard me right. Facebook has confirmed that it is testing adverts during live video streaming.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company confirmed that they are testing adverts, which will play during breaks or in between Facebook Live broadcasts.
All the people who know a lot about Facebook and their video products might not be surprised by this. Video advertisements are extremely profitable for Facebook (anyone with common sense understands this) and ads between live broadcasts is going to allow the company to cut down on a lot of potential ad revenue.

The curiosity begins at how is this going to work? This query hasn’t been answered clearly till yet but there is a little answer to it for sure. For now, Facebook is permitting only some (or a small group of) publishers to bring in a short advertisement break during their live broadcasts. These ads will appear after 5 minutes during the live broadcast and will probably last up to 15 seconds only. People who watch Facebook Live broadcasts are certainly going to find it irritating. Who wants to see a 15 second ad after every 5 minutes? But it is here guys and you need to deal with it.

Facebook has reported to the advertisers that the adverts which will be popping in between live broadcasts will be taken from those endorsed video campaigns, which are already on Facebook and are running successfully. However, if the test turns out to be successful, the advertisers may get the ability to design their own ads soon, which will be shown during live broadcasts as well. But it is important that advertisers pass the advert test for this…Who will pass and how is yet unknown.

The publishers will have control over the type of advertisers that can be shown during their live streams. They will also be able to turn any ad which isn’t appropriate for their live broadcast, off. This power has been given to the publishers as Facebook has confirmed.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Facebook doesn’t give off anything without a “bad news” occurrence also attached to it. So what is the bad news here? The publishers won’t even receive a portion of the generated revenue, during their testing period. Only if Facebook decide to structure their Live Ad will they start to receive a portion of the revenue. This eventually means that if your test doesn’t turn out to be successful, you won’t be getting anything and all the revenue collected will go straight into the hands of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.
Wrapping it all up, the entire story is not yet completely clarified by Facebook. There are a lot of loop holes and publishers are waiting for the remaining information as well. We obviously need to wait and watch till Mark Zuckerberg announces something else about testing adverts.

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