Many marketing firms and other resources release marketing statistics that can be extremely useful for businesses who want to stay up to date on current trends. Understanding these statistics and the trends they reveal can give your business a great competitive edge.

Here we will take a look at some mobile email usage statistics and how they can be used to optimise an email marketing campaign.

Marketing directly through email is an effective approach to building a brand and converting leads into sales, but in order to take full advantage of email marketing it’s vital to understand just how users interact with email.

A. One factor to consider is the age of your target audience as using email on mobile varies quite a bit based on age. According to Adestra’s recent article, “Consumer Adoption and Usage Study,” users aged 14 – 18 read email first on mobile 40% of the time, ages 19 – 34 read email on mobile first 29% of the time, while ages 56 – 67 read email on mobile first 8% of the time. What is also of note is that ages 56 – 67 say they never check email on mobile 55% of the time, this number is only 18% for age group 19 – 34.

B. We see a general trend here that shows younger users checking email on mobile much more frequently than older users. This is certainly something to consider for a business whose marketing efforts are focused on older or younger customers. While the Adestra study focused on where email was first opened, a number of sources now claim that emails are opened on mobile at least 50% of the time and this number is certainly rising as mobile Internet use continues to rise.

C. Some mobile email statistics are useful in helping owners avoid the pitfalls of email marketing. A survey published by LiveClicker and the Relevancy Group in the article “Exploring the Benefits of Real-Time Email – Driving Marketing Effectiveness” explored what users disliked most about marketing emails. 44% felt they received too many emails, 37% disliked receiving non-relevant email, 26% disliked it when landing pages weren’t mobile optimised, and 21% disliked it when the email itself wasn’t formatted well for the phone.

There are some obvious take-aways from this survey. Don’t overwhelm users with too many emails and at the very least make sure your marketing is relevant to the needs of the users emailed. As we have already seen, it is also important to make sure your email content is optimised for mobile devices.

Marketing statistics pop up quite often and businesses are always wise to take note of the trends they reveal to fine tune their marketing efforts. The Internet landscape is constantly changing and statistics such as these are a great way to help keep up.


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