Digital marketing can be a truly exciting prospect for any business as the potential for return on investment is huge given the right strategy is utilized. Businesses create large and detailed social media campaigns, inject new content into websites, and rework an entire site’s SEO optimization in an effort to get ahead in digital marketing. Then they wait. And eventually the all important question we are always asked by our clients is.. When will I see results?

The hard truth is that these things take time, and believe it or not there is usually a decrease in activity immediately following large changes or initial campaigns as it takes time for new information to be indexed by search engines. This doesn’t mean digital marketing doesn’t pay, it only means patience is required. Every type of digital marketing has different time lines in terms of results. The quickest of this range is pay per click campaigns, which can see immediate results, however even these need to monitored closely to make sure the ads are performing at the highest level.

SEO changes can take significantly longer, as much as one year. Though, with proper SEO these results can be significant. SEO is really driven by keywords and in order to have proper keywords, especially long tail keywords, you need to have content. This often comes in the form of a blog, which has proven to be a successful outlet for content. The trick to blogs is they need to have content posted on a regular basis, but regular posting should lead to results in 7-8 months.

Social media marketing is another area where businesses tend to become impatient, but like anything else this is an important part of your digital marketing strategy and you should stick with it. Social media is difficult to pinpoint, but one should be able to gather 100 genuine followers within 6 months. While you can always buy followers on social media, this isn’t shown to provide much success as these users aren’t actually interested in your products/services and they rarely lead to conversions.

All of these strategies are essential to exposing your business and getting eyes on your website, but these efforts are worthless if those eyes don’t convert into sales. This is where a CRO, or conversion rate optimization, plan comes in. So while your waiting for those other strategies to kick in, CRO should always be kept in mind. With conversion the most important aspect owners should remember to be patient, and as long as they have a sound plan and aren’t afraid to seek help, results will come in time. However, if these rough time lines come and go, it may be time to reevaluate your plan.

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