When working with social media, your best bet is to always to use basic social media principles. This allows you to create organic followers that are actually interested in your business. Once a business is successful at developing a solid base of followers they may begin to think about advertising. But where are your advertising “pounds” or “dollars” going the furthest, Facebook or Twitter? Let’s take a look at each platform and see what each has to offer in terms of advertising.

Facebook has incredible reach and a great UI

  • Facebook has a number of advantages and the incredible reach that can be achieved ranks among the top. When you advertise on Facebook, you know you can reach an incredible amount of people and you can set up the campaign so that only your target demographics are targeted. This is an very useful component and Facebook has a very user friendly interface for getting your campaign up and running. You can tweak the campaign as much as you want and get started in no time. There are different rates and some start at only $2.50 per day, which is reasonable even for small businesses.

Twitter also reaches far and wide though can be more costly

  • Twitter also has incredible reach as the platform has been embraced by a lot of people globally. Very much like Facebook, Twitter also allows you to target specific demographics though some find Twitter’s user-interface a bit more difficult to deal with. Once you master the system though you can quickly target your key demographics. However, Twitter location targeting is not as good as Facebook at the moment. Twitter does cost quite a bit more than Facebook and this will be a major consideration for some small businesses.

Which is right for your business?

  • There are quite a few things to consider when making a choice. Some businesses have preferred platforms they are more comfortable with as their core following is there and that’s where they should advertise. If cost is a significant issue you may find Facebook more appealing and if your not technically inclined you may find Facebook easier to work with. The choice will ultimately depend on a businesses unique needs. It may even be best to start small campaigns and test drive each platform and compare results.

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