B2B marketers are flooded with new ideas and techniques that claim to lead to great conversion rates. A good marketer must analyze and vet these techniques to make sure they are legit and will have the most bang for their buck. It can all get very confusing very quickly. While some of these tips and strategies may have merit, the most important strategy is just to stick to these basic principles.

Have a Mobile-Friendly presence

  • They have been saying that mobile is the future for a while now but the reality is that the future has arrived. The majority of Internet searches are now coming from mobile devices and if your web presence isn’t mobile friendly you are missing out on a huge segment of the population. The use of responsive designs that work on both desktop and mobile platforms are highly suggested.

Do not Ignore Branding

  • Branding isn’t only for marketing directly to consumers as it’s just as important in B2B marketing efforts. Not only should B2B marketers take the time to develop successful branding but they should make sure to keep that branding consistent. When a business thinks of a service, they should immediately think of your businesses logo and services.

Employ SEO Strategies

  • SEO is still a critical part of any online marketing campaign and this is no different for B2B efforts. Content marketing and basic SEO principles can go a long way in boosting a B2B marketing campaign. Google is still the king of driving web traffic and a proper SEO campaign is the best way to tap into this traffic. Marketers should also consider Google AdWords campaigns to get an even bigger piece of this traffic.

Utilize Social Media

  • Many B2B marketers don’t bother with social media and this is a mistake. While it depends on the industry social media campaigns can be just as effective for B2B marketing efforts. Take care when choosing a platform and when it comes to B2B LinkedIn should always be a part of the campaign. Do you work in an industry that uses Facebook or Twitter significantly? Then you better be on those platforms too!

New B2B marketing techniques will always be popping up and some of them may prove helpful, but in the end your best bet is to stick to these basic principles and make sure they are given the attention they deserve.

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