The digital landscape has grown immensely in the past 18 months, especially social media. With its use becoming a daily necessity for many worldwide. As such, it has naturally attracted the attention of businesses and companies alike looking to capitalizing on the phenomenon that has swept the globe over the past decade.

Social media – since its inception – has been crucial for companies, allowing them to communicate their products and services to a wider audience. Following the recent pandemic, social media impact has grown exponentially. It will naturally continue to play an increasingly crucial role in supporting small business growth.

However, where there is demand, there is a lot of misinformation too as everyone wishes to jump on the prevalent trend at one time. This undoubtedly makes it difficult to decipher what is a real tip and what is just misleading stats that are not really of any use.

As social media experts, we manage hundreds of companies and influencers’ social media pages and profiles, allowing us to have inside knowledge of “what’s hot, and what’s not” when it comes to content, design, and much more. So let’s have a look at some of our team’s tips below. We welcome you to comment on our post, let us know of any tricks or tactics that may have helped your business!

Tip 1 – Lay Out Your Goals and Objectives

To jumpstart you social medial strategy, it is important to firstly have a clear plan with your objectives and goals laid out. This provides you with a set of targets to monitor and to achieve.

Start by writing down what your goals are as these will need to align with your overall marketing efforts. Next, break these goals down into smaller steps of actions to take which will make your goal more attainable with a clear and structured process. This could be, for example having a goal of reaching a certain number of followers, In order to achieve this goal you may have a smaller goal of sending 30 direct messages to potential customers per day.

Whatever your goal may be, write these down as according to studies, you are more likely to be successful when your goals are set on paper.


Tip 2 – Craft your social media content carefully

Posting any type of content just to have something on your social media profiles can do your business more harm than good. For every post that you add to your social media channels, Each one will need to be methodically thought out with a purpose. This purpose is different depending on the platform you are using to promote your business.

For example, Instagram is great to provide visual content and short videos of your work. Whereas Facebook is effective for providing content that holds more informative information and allows you to join groups that can help to connect you to your target audiences.

Consider your copywriting to ensure it appeals to your audience and keeps them engaged.


Tip 3 – Connect with your audience

Making genuine connections with your potential audience will help to expand your reach. When customers are able to interact and engage with your business, they are more likely to place a purchase for the service or product being provided.

This can be done by always responding to customers’ comments and sharing content within Facebook groups. We also suggest creating and posting stories of customers who have purchased your product or services.


Tip 4 – Plan regular and engaging content

While having great quality content is important. The frequency in which they are posted can also have an effect on engagement and sales. By not posting on a regular and consistent basis, Potential clients may think you are no longer active and will turn away from your page and company.

Set aside sometime during the week to plan out which content you will be posting for the following week. Create a schedule with the dates, times, content and platforms that will be used. Try and stick to the schedule as people will start to expect to see you on their feed.


Tip 5 – Add Calls to Actions

One way to get your audience to engage is through the use of calls to action. People are more likely to respond to a post that directly asks them to perform an action, such as to click on the link in their bio if users are to see further content or related products. In addition, you could try asking questions


Tip 6 – Be personable 

Uses of social media may follow you because of the product or services that you provide but they stay because of your brand personality. Think about the tone you want to set for your persona. Do you want to be seen as a serious and informative company or to have a playful, funny tone? You want this to be communicated across all platforms consistently. By creating a brand personality, customers are more likely to feel connected and will want to engage more with your content.


Tip 7 – Use High-Quality Images

When posting on social media, having high-quality images is a must if you are looking to attract your target audience. We always recommend hiring a professional photographer who can take photos of your products or services. They will use the best possible lighting, angles to really showcase your business. They will also touch up your photos post-production and refine your images.

These images should be used when a post on any social media platforms, creating cover stories or banner images. It is important to note the sizes required for the various platforms. As each platform will require images to be posted in a specific size and format.


Tip 8 – Reference your business partners and suppliers

If you work with other businesses, it is good practice when creating a post about them to tag the business. This will not only help to improve a better reach for both companies. But it is also a great collaborative tool that shows support for promoting like-minded business.


Tip 9 – Use video content to boost your strategy

There are loads of different ways to add video content to your social media strategy. Now, more than ever, the number of people who enjoy watching and interacting with video content has risen dramatically. You can authentically engage with your audience through live streaming via Facebook and Instagram. Ask your audience questions or showcase your services or products. You can use this as a chance to inform your audience of special announcements and offers.


Tip 10 – Add “Soft  Content” to your Social scheduling

As the year progresses, it is a good idea to stock up on soft content. This would be as an example client reviews, thank you notes or gifts.

Use this to create content that is not “selling” the service but more so to share related content that people can easily engage with. It also makes your company appear more reputable.


Tip 11 – Promote and run ads

Now that you have a consistent plan with amazing high-quality images. It may be time to think about promotion. Why create top-quality content if you cant get it in front of the eyes of your potential customers? Try running a Social media contest to help encourage people to follow you on their socials. Alternatively, you could try running ads / boosting a post via Facebook and Instagram. This will help your post reach a higher audience and therefore a higher engagement rate.


Tip 12 –  Evaluate your data

It is always good practice to evaluate how you are performing. Most social media platforms contain insights that let you see how well your posts are performing. By looking at how many people saw your content, and how they are interacting with your content. Use this as a tool to measure which type of content performs better, then recreate content in a similar fashion. Equally, you should look at the poorer performing content to see how this could be better improved in the future.

In turn, by maximising the number of people who view your content and profiles, the more likely your website traffic will increase leading to an increase in sales.


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